YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, ProxyMirror Websites

YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

Do you like watching movies Nowadays watching movies is very easy because you can download them online? YIFY, also known as YTS Movies, is the most popular torrent movie download site in the world today. It features a large collection of movies and gets new updates every day. You can download recently released movies from this website.

YIFY isn’t the only must-see torrent film. You can also find other YIFY alternative sites to download HD movies. What are the best alternative websites to YIFY? Well, you can consider the following best YIFY alternative sites to download new popular movies for free as you like.

What is the Yify Torrent (YTS)?

Yify Torrent AKA YTS is a peer-to-peer torrent network that allows you to download movies for free using any P2P service BitTorents. The platform was launched in 2010 by Yiftach Swery, a resident in New Zealand. The name stands for the name of the owner. This is the only reason why they are called Yify torrents. It will continue to offer its services until its official website closes in 2015 after the American Film Association (MPAA).

Before the ban, this site was widespread in many countries due to free full HD 1080p movies and more interesting film-related content. Yet it is one of the most popular names in the business. Unfortunately, we do not have an official website to prove its validity. There are countless domains that use the YTS brand to attract visitors. We are not sure as to its authenticity. Several proxies and mirrors work fine, which we mention below.

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YIFY Torrent (YTS) Working Proxy & Mirror Sites

Before we start alternatives to YIFY, we want to tell you about working proxy and mirror sites. Some YIFY mirror and proxy sites are still active. It works similarly to the original YIFY website. This website works in a similar way to Yiify. However, there has been no confirmation that they are from an official source.

These sites can be useful for those looking for YIFY proxies and mirrors. In essence, it can provide an experience similar to the original website, with the exception of annoying ads that can detract from the user experience. However, if you use an ad blocker, you can easily avoid these ads. Below is a list of some working proxy/mirror sites to use in 2020:

  • https://yts.mx/
  • http://www.yify-movies.net/
  • https://yts.ms/

YIFY (YTS) Torrent Best Alternatives in 2020

If you come to this page for alternatives to YIFY, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we have discussed some of the best alternatives which you can use to replace your YIFY torrent site. Below is a list of the best YIFY alternative websites to visit in 2020:

The Pirate Bay

Perhaps the most famous of all. Pirate Bay is the subject of news and court hostilities. The fact that this site is still functioning is something extraordinary. Over the past 15 years, The Pirate Bay has avoided various legal disputes and download (closure) attempts to maintain its position as the best torrent site available. Users can use The Pirate Bay to find various media files including movies, TV shows, software, and more.

It is recommended that you download the torrent by clicking on the magnetic link or opening the link to see the planter/leech, the comments section itself, and other useful information. Pirate Bay also allows live streaming via a service called Bitlord, which requires additional software installation.


If you want to download TV shows, EZTV is a torrent website that you must visit. This website makes it easy to find the latest events by sharing them on the day they are uploaded. There is also a section that tells you which shows will be showing on which days. This site has some great filters that you can use to view impressions in 480p or 720p or daily impressions in / out.

If you want to see a show or if you want to see a show that you missed, you can use the search bar to find all episodes on this site. We didn’t like EZTV because if you wanted to download the full season, you would still have to click on each episode. Unlike The Pirate Bay, which allows you to download the entire viewing season in one file.


TorrentDownloads is another popular torrent site mainly because it supports all of them well. If all the other trackers don’t work, this may be your best chance to find old and rarely used software, movies, and even ebooks that you don’t know but want to read again.

For your information, since TorrentDownloads is not a website that acts unpretentious, this website may be blocked in your country. However, you can use a VPN to access this site if it is blocked. Various files can be downloaded from this website, including the latest movies which can be downloaded for free.


Introduced in 2008, RARBG allows users to access movies, music, and software via torrent files and magnetic links. Specializing in high-quality videos, RARBG lets you easily browse the catalog or browse the 10 best torrents in any category. This website is where you can view trailers of popular movies as you decide what interests you. After that the site allows users to register for an account. However, this practice seems to have stopped.

RARBG’s downloads went smoothly and smoothly, and the comments area, although rarely used, was greatly appreciated. However, this site seems to be interrupted by lots of popups requiring navigation before you can get to the page you want. Besides, a magnetic connection can only be accessed after one click. Despite all these problems, RARBG is a high-quality torrent site that can quickly become a favorite among users.

Kickass Torrents (KAT)

Longtime Kickass Torrents (KAT) fans will be happy to know the site is brought up. After the US government confiscated the domain in 2016, a former employee designed a new website. We found some fake Kickass websites that haven’t been updated and full of spammy links. For now, the best URL for KAT is kat.sx.

With a similar appearance to the old website, KAT offers torrents and magnets to users who need them. We love it because we can quickly see the best torrents in every category, from music to movies and games. This is great if you’re looking for something you don’t know about.

Of course, you can also narrow your search by adjusting criteria such as categories, subcategories, and intervals. Torrent users can also view reviews from other users, and registered users are encouraged to rate their torrents. In addition, visitors can see the reputation of each sender, so they can be sure of the file you have downloaded. A comments section is also included but seems much less active than at The Pirate Bay. The Kickass Torrents website is well maintained without annoying ads or pop-ups.


LimeTorrent.cc is a decent alternative to Yify if your preferred torrent site is down but it has a few drawbacks. The only advantage of this tracker is that the plain and simple user experience is very good. The popular new version also has a lot of workouts and high speed. However, the older streams are often forgotten. This isn’t a problem on the site itself, but I recommend using it as a backup plan instead of your first choice because of these conflicting requirements.

The website uploads new movies every day. This means that you can get the latest movies on this website. Even though the site traffic is low, it is very useful for maintaining a clean look and feel with minimal ads. Large pop ads do not appear when accessing the domain URL. The site is perfect and the experience is completely free.

7  1337x

1337x can help you find the torrent you want, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, thanks to its simple and clean interface. The website has recently undergone major changes to improve its appearance and eliminate some serious security risks.
This torrent site is now one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world until finally, Google hides it from search results. It’s the perfect choice for torrent movies, TV shows, games, and music. It also has useful browsing features – Oscar nominations, new episodes, a library, and an improved interface that makes the tracker much better.


Another Yify alternative to Torlock. TorLock combines an extensive list of torrents with a great user experience, especially if you are looking for anime episodes or high-quality reading material. Some of the content on TorLock is hard to find on other trackers, but you will probably find the most popular torrents here as there are over 4.8 million to choose from.

There is no doubt that Torlock has good data on high definition movies, but at the same time, we cannot directly reject the advertisements contained on this website. We recommend that you avoid this website if you are using it in a family or with minors. Since there are many adult advertisements on this site, the other choice is yours. We can warn you. But when it comes to downloading movies, it is full of new and old movies available for download from torrent seed.


Torrentz2 is the new incarnation of the popular Torrentz website. This website supports the minimalistic interface of the original website and focuses solely on music. It’s not uncommon to see ten-year-old torrent websites with more than 20 seeders. Despite some changes in how magnetic links work, Torrentz2 remains the best choice for audiophiles and is a more reliable tracker than others.

This is truly a torrent search engine. The website does the same job as torrent site Torrentz.EU which indexes other sites like The Pirate Bay and indexes torrents on this site. The site has received a lot of attention over the past decade, which has earned it higher in the Alexa ranking, which has been improving since April last year.

10 Zooqle

It has a treasure trove of more than 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows, impressive for a site that’s new to torrenting. Overall, the interface is robust but needs a few minor tweaks here and there. However, this torrent site is easy to use and has bookmarks to help you find what you are looking for.

Many loyal users love the direction Zooqle is taking, so there’s no doubt that this torrent will get bigger and better in the future.