Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

In Hindu mythology yellow sapphire gemstone holds an immense value. This gemstone symbolizes the planet Jupiter and has its power within. Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ of all the planets or simply ‘teacher’ among all the planets. So, it has a great importance.

Nowadays, people have been more conscious about the energy and spiritual power of the gemstone due to which it has been trendy and fashionable. People are using gemstones in the form of jewelry, even celebrities and big personalities are using it. Yellow sapphire is one of the powerful gemstone between ‘navaratnas’.

Buying Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire, gemstone is highly valuable and powerful. It holds the power of planet Jupiter. This stone benefits the wearer in many forms. You should buy the stone from anywhere, it is available when the Nakshatra is Vishakha, Punarvasu, Pushya, or Purva Bhadrapada and at the ascending cycle of moons (Shukla Paksha). The price of the Yellow Sapphire stone is not exactly the same but the range of the price is same. In accordance to the quality and standard of the stone, price is similarly determined. The color of this stone is beautiful and highly transparent. To list about the price it ranges in the following order:

Price of Standard Grade Yellow Sapphire: 3500 INR per Ratti or 5600 INR per carat

Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire: 4600 INR per Ratti or 7300 INR per carat Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 7800 INR per Ratti or 13000 INR per carat

Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 10000 INR per Ratti or 16000 INR per carat

You should be extremely cautious when buying the stone because the there are plenty of places where you are sold a fake stone saying that it is the original one. Make sure you know the quality and its composition.

The fake one or the synthetic one doesn’t benefit you in any way. Check the tiny bubbles in the stone before buying it, if there are visible bubbles in the stone by the naked eye then surely it is the synthetic or fake one because the original and natural stone is transparent and free from any bubbles. Often, people are sold the yellow glass claiming that it is the original yellow sapphire so be smart to distinguish the glass from the stone.


What are the benefits of the Yellow Sapphire?

The original and natural yellow sapphire, if worn properly has great benefits to the wearer. The immense power of the Jupiter planet in the stone provides the lots of positive energies to the wearer.

  • Yellow sapphire is the stone for overcoming the life difficulties. If you are stuck in any phase of life where you don’t have anywhere to go and anything to do, it provides energy to deal that situation. You if are always having a bad day, anything you do turns to be a bad activity then this stone brings the luck and overcomes the difficulties.
  • Yellow sapphire, gemstone is the symbol of happiness. The positive energy flow in the body helps in making you happy and fresh. It makes you relief from the bad thoughts and takes you far from the bad vibes.
  • It is also believed to be used by the depression patients to relieve the anxiety and sadness. The positive vibes it creates are enormous and always makes you happy.
  • For the students, the use of yellow sapphire gemstone enhances the academics by a huge improvement. Even teachers and other professional can use this gemstone for a good result in their own field.
  • Yellow sapphire has the great benefits for the wearer in mental and physical health. To enhance the fertility power of the wearer, this gemstone helps a lot. For those who have the digestive problems can be cured by wearing the yellow sapphire stone embedded rings. The flow of the energy from this stone to the body is so immense that it calms your disturbed mind and also helps in anger management. If this stone is worn as a necklace then the owner should be free from any throat, neck, and respiratory problems.
  • This gemstone is the storage of immense positive energy. For any work you do or any work you desire to fulfill in the near future, it provides the energy and enthusiasm. It is also known to fulfill the hopes and desires.