What is a Premium WordPress Theme & How to Choose One

Premium WordPress

It is no secret WordPress has offered a lot to this world thanks to its amazing customization and easy-to-setup style. With a wondrous CMS and a dynamic interface, it can be used to create any kind of website. WordPress offers more power to users by serving many possible scenarios. So before we delve into the topic of what a premium WordPress theme is, let’s see how some facts stack up-

  • More than a third of the world’s websites are WP-based.
  • 60% of CMS-built sites are based on WordPress.
  • Almost 30% of e-commerce sites are WordPress-driven.
  • Of the top 100 sites in the world, WordPress drives about 15% of them.
  • Launched in 2001, it’s still the fastest growing platform for 8 years! Talk about being undisputed.

What Is A Premium WordPress Theme?

The foremost thing while you look for building a WordPress website begins with the basic choice- Would it be simply WordPress (Free Version) or WordPress Premium? I’m afraid there isn’t a clear choice.

Since it’s all WordPress under the skin, the free version has its share of benefits. But it is often great for those who want to host the website by themselves and have expert knowledge of things required to build a website.

WordPress Premium, on the other hand, is something that can turn a naïve user into a professional website builder. WordPress Premium offers an exclusive domain and a pre-installed SSL certificate with a one-year subscription. It also includes a unique website builder with advanced design tools, Google Analytics integration, 13GB storage space, and site monetization. Another prominent thing about WordPress Premium is the availability of unlimited premium themes. You can even customize the CSS and HTML ones to create themes of your own. These features make WordPress Premium a wonderful option. A blessing in disguise, if you ask.

Once the WordPress version is chosen, you need to figure out the theme that would adorn your website. After all, even if your website isn’t posed to make millions, you’d still want it to be something out of this world.

A WordPress theme is nothing but a collection of templates that define the look and feel of a WordPress website. And there are thousands of options available in both the free and premium categories to choose from. You can go for free themes but there are several limitations attached to it like no support, updates, or uniqueness, and the worst part – limited features. As earlier mentioned, free themes are mostly chosen by professional developers who can take care of the theme’s technical needs in the future.

When you choose a premium WordPress theme, however, there is a lot you can do. And I mean seriously a lot. It’s like investing in a good soulmate. When you find the perfect one who fits your imagination and expectations, you can hope for a lot of bells and whistles. But unlike love and relationships, features can be guaranteed with premium WordPress. You get full support, regular updates, freedom to customize, and fewer security threats. You also get a lot of uniqueness that you won’t find in free themes.

Love may not be unconditional, but premium WordPress is!


Now that you know the importance of a premium WordPress theme, it is crucial to understand why choosing the right theme for your website is important.

# Serving a Website’s Identity

The selection of a WordPress theme is based on the website’s purpose. You must know all the requirements beforehand. Is it a blog? Or a video-focused website? Is it a marketing agency? Whatever theme you select will showcase your site’s identity. So it becomes vital that the theme you choose serves the purpose it’s chosen for. Yes, themes can be changed and updated, but if you purchase a wrong one, it might be a misfit. And you would waste your money. To save yourself from this headache, you can also opt for multi-purpose themes with many templates, ranging anything from a blog to an e-commerce platform. Try searching, and you’d be surprised by a plethora of options you’d get.

# Website’s Performance

In all these years of web development, I have never come across a single person who would compromise on a website’s performance. So when your website is built on WordPress, a theme becomes a crucial performance metric. If you choose a poorly coded theme, your site may not perform to a level you would expect. A wrong selection of WordPress themes can make you suffer from things like slow website loading, clogging of the database, and vulnerability towards hacking. So what can you do? Well, you can use the Theme Check plugin to understand the quality of a theme’s code. Or you can shop from well-known theme creators who have been around for years.

# Support and Updates

If you opt for a theme without support or updates, you have definitely messed up on your purchase. When you pay money for a theme, you must get support- via forums, email, or online tickets. The theme you purchase must get regular updates because a theme that is not regularly updated is not worthy.

# Customization is a Must

You may find a theme that’s perfect and serves every purpose you are looking for, but that doesn’t mean it cannot allow customization. Remember – a theme without customization cannot become your own. The right WordPress theme will allow you to customize esthetics so you can make it unique.

# Compatibility across devices and browsers

Most people look for a theme on their computer screens and purchase it because of its fab look and appeal. Well, that’s perfectly fine. However, you must also look for the theme’s compatibility with other devices and different web browsers. This will save you from customizing code for each browser and device. For device compatibility, I would suggest you opt for responsive themes as they can adapt according to the device the website is running on.

# SEO Friendliness

A WordPress theme with optimized coding plays an important role in a website’s SEO friendliness. Before purchasing any theme, you must analyze the theme’s source code. To check the code, you can use the W3C Markup Validation Tool. This will reveal if the code is relevant or not. When you purchase a Premium theme, you get the assurance by developers that the theme is SEO friendly.


I hope you’re now well-prepped to dive into the WP world and make an informed search for yourself and unearth a sparkling pearl. And I can assure you it could be a taxing job when you have a gazillion options. So before we wrap ourselves here, let’s show you what we have carefully handpicked from our treasure chest.

Here are some cool Premium WordPress themes you can try for your website:


Bridge is a popular theme and has multi-purpose templates that offer a range of solutions. This is the theme that will make you go Wow. From an app to an agency, you can build whatever you want using this premium WordPress theme.


Regarded as the most trusted WordPress theme of all time, Avada can handle any website task you throw at it. It has 70+ design elements and 65 pre-built website templates that will take care of all your needs.


Another great multi-purpose theme with a lot of customization options, Porto is perfect for beginners and professionals. It has a whopping 95+ pre-built website templates for all your needs.


This is another clean, responsive theme we’ve handpicked for you with several template options. Enfold is perfect for business websites and offers 18+ pre-built skins you can choose from.


Newspaper is one of the well-known WordPress themes used by people across the globe. It has numerous templates to choose from and is perfect for blogs. Look at the theme and you’ll realize it gives a truly professional-feeling,  like a page straight out of The Gotham Times. Personally speaking, I’m in love with the theme and would use it when I start my own blog platform someday.