Invested In Amazon

What If You Would Have Invested In Amazon At The Time Of Ipo?

Hey guys, if you are interested in the stock market and shares then you are at the right destination. We understand in such tough pandemic situations, owning or purchasing stock can be risky. This is because the whole world is under this pandemic and companies have stopped its functions.

Walking outside of the house is not a great choice in such times and this is because the company’s stock market growth has been on a decline. Amazon at is an American based Retail e-commerce giant which is currently ruling this field. Jeff Bezos was just another brain head who dreamt big. He started off by borrowing money from his parents to start an online bookselling company.

In the initial days, it was tough for Jeff due to his ongoing job. There were competitors for Amazon in 1997 but there was no big issue when you see how big Amazon is right now. Stocks which were purchased at the time of initial public offer (IPO) in 1997 are very highly-priced in 2020. Nobody thought that a bookselling company would become the biggest market bull in some 20 years.

How The Speculations Around The Stock Are Going

There are many past speculations on why stocks were not purchased at the time of initial public offer. In this article, we will take a look at what if you would have invested money during Amazon’s 1997 Initial Public offer.

  • Amazon came up with the initial public offer in the year 1996. This was the first stock offer made by Amazon to get outside funding. Financial stability is very necessary for an investor to become a stockholder. At that time, the stock was for $18 dollar. Nobody would have thought that an online bookselling company would become a multinational beast in the e-commerce and tech field.

Invested In Amazon

  • When Amazon offered its first Initial Public offer in the year 1997 only $10000 was raised but it was a big push at that time. As reports say, Amazon was nowhere near Walmart in the 2000s. As soon as the internet was mainstreamed, Amazon brought back the fire. If you would have invested and bought a stock of $1000 during Initial public offer, you would have got $1,341,000. This is a huge amount which has been generated by Amazon over the years. You can see the current Amazon stocks rising at NASDAQ AMZN.
  • You can state that Amazon has the biggest turnover which made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world. You still have time because Amazon is doing pretty well in the stock market during a global pandemic.

If you want to invest in Amazon stock, you can check its releases at The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.