What Are the Different Types of Tattoos?

Today, there is an extensive range of tattoos available to make your body more attractive. Every person has their reason for having a tattoo, some do for aesthetic reason, medical reason, self-expression, reminders of traditional or cultural needs, etc. But for every need, there are several tattoos available to fulfil each demand. Let’s suppose that you need birthday tattoo; then you can create Prinker birthday tattoos for yourself on Prinker.

Getting a tattoo makes you more confident and embraces the body. It helps you represent the bold and brave personality, as nowadays most of the people like to have a tattoo. They can get the tattoo on their, backs, fingers, and some other parts too. Further, in this article, you will know about the different types of tattoos.

Professional Tattoos

Professional Tattoos are the most popular art of tattooing, which is done by sterile machines and inks. The professional tattoos are of different types; some of them are mentioned below:

Realism: This is one of the most astonishing tattoo styles that are practised today. It is a breathtaking tattoo technique which is converted from image to designer tattoo. This technique resembles a photograph or a 3D real-life object.

Tribal: This style is the oldest one as its ink backs you to those tattoos of tribal’s like aboriginal communities. It gives an elaborate pattern though a dark colour ink. Tribal’s tattoos are often much demanded and gives a bold statement.

New School: As the increasing interests in tattoo are observed having too many different styles. Kids mostly like these tattoos as it gives a cartoonish style finish. And it is filled with vibrant colours and different unique linework decoration.

Some of the most common tattoo styles, according to a tattoo artist - Insider

Amateur Tattoos:

Tattoo artists take many years for their practice to attain perfection in this field. These tattoos are made in a single colour, making the ink on the top layer of the skin. The name itself tells the tattoos made for traders and tribals symboling their beauty and bravery.

Cosmetic Tattoos:

The growing trend of permanent cosmetics has blown the heart of women. This tattoo has emerged the popularity amongst women for design that resembles their make-up, enhancing the colours of their different body skin.

Medical Tattoo:

This tattoo helps to treat a condition or a body mark. It cures the various effects blown on the body after getting a cosmetic tattoo or something that doesn’t your body and shows after-effects that might disturb your life and thoughts. The medical tattoo is somewhat used to cure such diseases with no after-effects left on the body.

Remember, when you get yourself a permanent tattoo on your body, it will be a challenging take to remove it again; hence, you need to choose your tattoo wisely. Getting a tattoo is not cheap so you should think about which type of tattoo you want or which kind of tattoo can fulfil your need. Also, if you are not sure of getting a permanent tattoo, then you can again go for temporary tattoos!