Wedding Special | My Simple Wedding Dream

Wedding Special | My Simple Wedding Dream

Marriage is one of the most memorable moments in life, carrying love and blessings. Planning the wedding and preparing the first meal for two to travel to the honeymoon after the wedding. Everything is not only dreamy and gorgeous, let the simple and rustic lifestyle approach the wedding, blend in the free and casual American style, and bring you a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Love Is All Around

Wet Wet Wet-Evening Moods

Wu Yanan

” Wedding planner ”

Dream wedding is not gorgeous, dare to be simple is the dream

In high school, Wu Yanan was very sure what he would do when he grew up. She passed an old magazine shop and saw a Japanese wedding magazine, “That’s its inaugural issue, with a fantastic wedding photo on the cover, and I was immediately attracted to it.” From then on, the wedding planner became her The ideal career that I yearn for.

One year before graduating from university, she came to Hangzhou and became a wedding planner as she wished. “This job brings happiness to others. Imagine that when people are old, there are only a few things worth remembering in their lifetime. I hope that the wedding is one of them.”

In more than ten years, among the many weddings planned by Wu Yanan, the Chinese-Western wedding for a couple was the most impressive. “They are all from Hangzhou, but they met and fell in love in the UK. I clearly remember that the wedding was held on March 9 and it was spring, so I chose the season’s flower material: yellow ocean daffodils.” Contrast colors, so she matched blue and white porcelain with flowers. He drew inspiration from the camellia show of Chanel, used the entire set of “hot pot” purchased from Japan, cut and cut the blue and white fabric by himself, and then matched it with pearls to make a “beautiful!” Bridal bouquet.

There are two storage rooms in Wu Yanan’s house, which collect hundreds of plates and cups. “I have seen many foreign movies about weddings, and those platinum-colored tableware that are often used in wedding bridges have left a deep impression on me. When I saw the new Wedding series launched by Harbor House, I would not Enter the full set without hesitation. Abandon the complicated decoration, return to simplicity, smooth lines, white background with gold edges, very classic design, can be matched with a variety of styles, harmoniously and naturally integrated into the dining table, retro party wedding ; Stylish and concise, also suitable. ”

Although various weddings have been planned for others, Wu Yanan hopes to be simple, free and free. “I know the hard work of making a wedding, so I hope I can enjoy the process, not sticking to the grand form, who said that a dream wedding is gorgeous.” Wedding shoes is not necessarily  glitter shoesShe even hopes that the flowers on her wedding can be flowers that she planted , Or wildflowers by the road.


『Lecturer at Harbor House Food Member Salon』

The first meal after marriage, eat happiness, no burden

The “Xiao Cai” public account and cooking class that have been popular on WeChat recently are the favorite things of young dad Alvin. His dream is “to make everyone cook.” So, we invited him to design a dining table for the “first meal after marriage” during the LOHAS marriage.

Just after the wedding, the event was settled, and the interruption after a busy day made people suddenly feel haggard. This meal will bring people back to a realistic, comfortable, and quiet two-person world.

Therefore, you can’t be in a hurry, you don’t have to be fanciful, everything starts with simplicity. “Angel seafood pasta, butter garlic bread and fruit yogurt, most of the materials can be prepared in advance, the whole process does not exceed 30 minutes, and fast and delicious coexist.”

It is not only simple and delicious, but also gives a good meaning: “Angel pasta is angel hair, expressing love. Bread is a staple food for many young families, and it has a real sense of life; yogurt and fruit Combination is to let her lead a healthy life.

In addition to carefully prepared dishes, the tableware used for the first meal also conceals Alvin ’s intentions, the color is simple, and the simple style tableware with smooth lines is not only suitable for wedding receptions, but also suitable for appearing on the wedding table of young couples. The beginning of a new life with love. After dinner ,Take a bath,

Put on sexy nighties and hug each other


『Travellers, travel enthusiasts』

Traveling freely is a dream and a life

They are all saying, “Picked up” a boyfriend who can’t take pictures. His last life and this life are saving the earth. But Da Mian never felt this way. Her husband laughed as her “camera photographer”, “I never thought he had a bad shot!” Dog food is so sprinkled.

The two met in college and took photography classes together. Da Mian trusted and laughed, “The more you take the class to the later stage, the more you lose the ability to take pictures and become his model.”

When I got married, my wedding photos were all different. I laughed and did n’t want to be the same. I took my wife and went to Japan with me. I just brought a light wedding dress with me and collected the memories of the two with a “selfie”. We both focus on daily fun, not on having an inherent form. “Affected by laughter, Da Mian also fell in love with the American style of freedom, and also brought a little wildness, which just formed a strong sense of Japanese restraint. Shock.

Da Mian and laughing “honeymoon trips” are not the same as people. Those resorts do not want to go, and they say go away, and use 17 days to drive around in the western United States. “Every day is on the road, driving hundreds of kilometers. The scenery is different. ”

Drive to Route 66, Antelope Canyon, Mammoth Lakes, and a small town along the path. It is also completely outside the plan. It is not well-known. I saw only four vegetations and a golden color. The laughter’s inspiration for photography was so sudden that when he sat on the tree, he took the most satisfying portrait on the trip. “Because shooting with film, I can’t see the image immediately, but the film has this magic. , People always look forward to, always open and happy. ”

Recalling the honeymoon trip, it is still full of sunshine, “We all like the way of life in the western United States. We are free and easy to tolerate and enjoy the present. The West Coast has a magical power to heal. The freedom that comes here makes the heart soothing and calm, and finds the power of long-lost communication with the present. After 17 days, we feel that we are closer to each other. ”

It would be better if parents can take a group photo together , Beautiful mother of the bride dress can Add beauty to photos