Wedding Hack: Design & Send Personalized Wedding Thank You Cards

The vows have been made, the cake has been eaten, the toasts have been shared, and you and your new spouse are finally getting the chance to sit down and breathe. In the modern mega-wedding world, marital stress isn’t confined to the ceremony itself. Now the work of putting on a wedding starts from the moment the ring pops, and doesn’t end until the final thank you card is sent to guests.

Thank you card? You mean I have to “thank” people?

Among the many parts of wedding wrap-up, writing thank you cards to the crowds who joined you for your special day can be the last thing on your mind. While you may be tempted to pass off the thank you’s to a later date or utilize an online service, the way to ensure that your wedding stays on the minds of your guests for a long time is to design and send personalized wedding thank you cards yourself!

Here are two ways that a personalized thank you can blow away your guest’s expectations:

They Are Guaranteed To Be Special

Remember when you received an unexpected letter from a friend of family member? The fact that they took the time to write a message to you sparks feelings of joy and appreciation that last.

Make sure that your thank you card stays on the refrigerator for many years by personalizing thank you cards for your guests – even if a letter of gratitude is the last thing they expect. They will definitely remember your wedding when they get your special card!

You Will Knock Their Socks Off

In the day of automation and quick-fixes, taking the time to design and personalize something as simple as a thank you card is a great way to make an impact on someone. Whether they were the maid of honor or the friend of a friend, knowing that they were noticed and appreciated makes anyone feel special.

Add some elbow grease and customize your gift cards to fit the wedding, and include a special, hand-written note and signature to make sure you knock the socks off your guests!

Are you ready to make an impact with your wedding thank you cards? Make sure to spend the extra time to design and personalize the cards to show your guests exactly how much their presence meant to you!