Ways to Save Money When Purchasing Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is notoriously expensive. However, it is also very culturally significant. If you want to show someone that you love them, a diamond is one of the best things to buy. If you are looking for ways to get a diamond for a price that you can afford, read on for some ways to save some money on tasteful jewelry.

The biggest tip for saving money on diamond jewelry is to use settings to your advantage. Buying one large diamond is very expensive, but a lot of diamond jewelry uses optical illusions to create the appearance of a large ring. A halo setting utilizes a circle of small diamonds around the central, larger diamond to make it look bigger than it is. This is a great way to make a piece of jewelry with small, inexpensive stones appear much more impressive.

For diamond rings, a prong setting is the most cost effective type of setting. Precious metals that rings are made of are expensive, so minimizing the amount of metal used is a good way to cut costs. Prong settings elevate the stone above the ring, instead of letting metal encircle the stone in the ring. Prong settings are great because not only do they save on metal, but they also enhance the stone by allowing more of it to show. It is much less efficient to pay for a large diamond that is half covered by the metal of the ring.

Pavé diamonds are a fantastic trend in diamond jewelry that can save a lot of money. Pavé diamonds are tiny diamonds that are used to add sparkle to jewelry. Because they are so small, they are very affordable. A great way to use them is to have a piece with one centerpiece diamond, with the rest of the piece encrusted with pavé diamonds. This will give you a sparkling, eye catching piece of jewelry with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Avoid looking for a diamond that is a whole or half carat number. Diamond prices are very influenced by the carat, and people are often willing to pay a lot more for a diamond that is 1.5 carats instead of 1.4. However, the difference between the two is relatively small. By buying a diamond that is just short of a whole or half number of carats, you can get a diamond that is very impressive for the cost.

Clarity and color of a diamond are also a big factor in price. There are many grades of diamond that become increasingly clear and clean. However, many of the top grades of diamond are indistinguishable without special laboratory equipment designed to measure gemstone clarity. When shopping for a high quality diamond, make sure to stop before the point at which improvements become irrelevant. A diamond that is as clear as the human eye can detect as good as is necessary for jewelry, and will cost significantly less than more perfect diamonds.

The metal a piece of jewelry is made of makes a big difference for the price tag. Platinum jewelry is popular, but extremely expensive. Opting for gold can save quite a bit of money while still being very pretty. If the color of platinum is more desirable to the recipient of the jewelry, white gold is a much more affordable alternative. In some cases, the extra durability of platinum is a must have, but if you can get away with it, white gold will save quite a bit of money for most of the same benefits.


For the cut of the diamond, an emerald cut is the most efficient cut on a budget. Emerald cuts have fewer facets, which allows it to have more surface area for the same carat size. In practical terms, this means that emerald cut diamonds look much larger than diamonds cut in other styles. Emerald cuts are also very pretty, and have been in fashion for many generations, so there is no risk of your ring becoming outdated.

Make sure to shop around for your diamonds. Many people go straight to chain jewelers in major retail locations like a mall. This is a great place to go get exposed to many different styles of diamond jewelry, but is a very expensive place to buy it. Major chain jewelers tend to mark up their prices by double or more, making them rarely the best deal. If you do get your heart set on a piece from a chain, make sure to haggle. For a purchase as big as a diamond, many retailers are willing to slash prices down to something more reasonable to make a sale, especially if employees are paid on commission.

Instead of a chain jeweler, try visiting some independent jewelers, Troy Ohio jewelry store. There are big diamond districts in New York and other areas. If you are not near a good diamond market, shopping online is a surprisingly good option. You will need to check out reviews of online stores to make sure they are legitimate, but reputable online stores will often sell jewelry comparable to chain stores for half the price.

However, when buying online, make sure to shop smart. Ask the jeweler for real photos of the diamond sitting on a table, not in a studio with a white background and 5 camera flashes. Even better, ask for a video circling the piece. Buying a diamond based on the sale images is asking for disappointment, since camera tricks can easily make any gemstone appear brighter and more vivid than it is in real life. Any reputable jeweler will be happy to spend time helping you get a real feel for the gem before you make your purchase.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can save money when shopping for diamonds. Diamonds are very expensive, so putting in a little extra effort to save money can be a worthwhile venture. Keep in mind that many merchants will be willing to haggle on prices, so don’t be afraid to ask!