Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Few things project an image of confidence like a cool chick blasting down the street on a bike. Whether she’s riding behind her man or taking the reins herself, choosing the right biker’s jacket to wear is an essential fashion statement and an important safety decision. If you’re looking to purchase a women’s motorcycle jacket, look no further – this is the guide for you.

Bike Jacket Basics

Although many bikers jackets are ambiguously fashioned enough to be worn by either sex, if you want to look and feel your best on a bike as a woman, you’ll want a jacket that is designed to fit your shape. What this means is you will be looking for a traditional hourglass style cut, not the boxy, square lines of men’s or unisex jackets.  Women’s motorcycle jackets are designed to offer you all of the usual protection against the elements or road-rash, while also emphasizing your style and features, helping you look and feel your best while riding.

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Form and Function

Whether you’re looking for an all-pink jacket that practically screams femininity or just want something that can cover your body the same way men take for granted, certain functionalities must be present to offer adequate safety and protection. Motorcycle jackets should cover as much skin as possible so in the event of a crash, you will be protected. Helmets and gloves don’t have many differences between genders except size, but jackets must be cut slightly differently for women rather than men.

One especially important area is the area covering the lower back and around the hips. Because of the wider hips women tend to have compared to men, this is an area where a gender-tailored jacket will come in handy and could present a safety issue if left uncovered. Motorcyclists are disproportionately involved in serious accidents on the road for several reasons, so it’s always best to make sure you take safety as seriously as you can while riding.

That’s why getting the right gear, such as helmets, gloves, and jackets is so important – it’s more than just a fashion statement. Of course, everyone still wants to look good while they ride, and a motorcycle itself is a powerful fashion statement. When you pull up on a loud, roaring bike, heads will turn – so it’s important to look and feel your best, and finding the right selection of women’s and men’s motorcycle jackets is the first step towards achieving this.