Types of Silk Fabrics

Types of Silk Fabrics

Silk fabric has been around for thousands of years, and it’s still one of the most sought-after fabrics in the world today, particularly among women who like their clothing to be elegant and classy. Silk fabric is incredibly lightweight and soft to the touch, but it can also be incredibly luxurious depending on what you choose. If you’re looking to buy silk fabric soon, you might want to take a look at these five types of silk fabric that everyone should know about before making your purchase decision.

Raw silk (Tussah)

Raw silk is made from the long fibers that are taken from the cocoons of wild silkworms. Because the worms are allowed to live longer, their cocoons are larger and their fibers are longer. This results in a stronger, more durable fabric.

Raw silk also has a more textured appearance and is less lustrous than other types of silk. It can take dye well, but because it doesn’t have as much sheen or polish as other types of silk, it is often used for upholstery or evening wear.

Crepe de Chine

Lightweight fabric with a textured surface, crepe de chine is made from highly twisted yarns. The fabric has a matte finish and is often used for dresses, blouses, and linings.

Crêpe: Unlike the other types of silk fabric, crêpe doesn’t have any glossy or shimmery sheen. Instead, it’s loosely woven and almost see-through so it drapes beautifully. It also has a beautiful texture that can be seen on close inspection.

Chiffon silk

Chiffon is one of the lightest fabrics out there and most breathable because it’s made up entirely of two layers of very fine cloth. It’s sheer but not transparent like crêpe, which makes it perfect for veils, scarves, shawls, chiffon blouse and skirts when worn without lining.

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Jacquard silk

Jacquard silk is a woven fabric that gets its name from the Jacquard loom, which was invented in 1804 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. This loom allowed for complex patterns to be created in fabric, and thus, Jacquard silk became known for its intricate designs.

The fabric is made from twisted yarns that are tightly woven together, resulting in a smooth, lustrous surface. Jacquard silk is often used for eveningwear and formalwear because of its luxurious appearance.

Pearl silk

Also known as momme, this is the heaviest silk fabric and gets its name from the pearlescent sheen it has. It’s often used for evening wear, due to its weight and shimmer. Pearl silk is made with high-quality filaments that are tightly woven together, resulting in a smooth fabric.


If you love the look and feel of silk, you may be considering buying some of these fine fabrics for yourself or as gifts. Before you do, though, it’s important to understand the different types of silk fabric so that you don’t end up with something that doesn’t suit your needs or expectations. The five types of silk fabric below are some of the most common and easiest to care for and use in many different types of projects. If you need more information on caring for your silk fabrics, visit this guide on how to care for different types of silk fabric here.