Top 5 Anime to Watch If You’re a Death Note Fan

 Top 5 Anime to Watch If You’re a Death Note Fan

Have you ever asked yourself why so many love Death Note (Desu Nōto)? We have. And we know that after watching the anime or reading the manga you’re left with a feeling of wanting more. You want something that has the essence of Death Note.

1.Psycho Pass

First up on our list is Psycho Pass. We have two intelligent characters trying to outsmart each other, and we have that societal issue that gives us a good thought exercise. Just like Death Note, one can’t help but think about the pros and cons of this supposed utopia.

Different views lead to conflict. 

Synopsis: In the future, a government adopts the Sibyl System that prevents crimes by assigning citizens with a psycho pass, a quantified profile, that determines a person’s inclination to commit a crime. A rookie inspector battles it out with a criminal mastermind that seems to have outwitted the system

2.Code Geass

Another series that could have placed on our top spot is Code Geass. There are clear differences between the protagonists in Code Geass and Death Note. But both are intelligent and gifted with supernatural abilities.

Death Note is about one character wanting to change the status quo and ends up being, at the least, morally questionable.

Whereas Code Geas is about one man having the ability to fight oppressors, or maybe it’s just revenge. Revolution is justifiable, and while revenge might not be, the desire to be rid of an oppressive is fathomable.

Synopsis: The manga is based on an alternate timeline wherein there are three major powers. Britania being one of them, attacks and conquers Japan. Lelouch receives the ability to control individuals and uses it to fight against Britania.


If you’ve watched or read Monster then you know that there’s a similarity between the previously mentioned franchises. Characters are dissatisfied with their societies and seek to change them. And it’s the characters’ wits and a mystery-filled thriller plot that kept us on our toes.

Synopsis: Monster is different. In the sense that it is the protagonist who brought upon his problem, in a way. Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a brain surgeon who saved Johan and his fraternal twin Nina. He would soon later regret that decision, and throughout the series, he does what he can to right his ‘wrong.’

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4.Promised Neverland

There’s mystery, drama, and thrill. What differentiates this from Death Note is the horror element. Don’t get us wrong, there’s blood and gore in Death Note but it strikes different when children are involved in survival. Also, the shinigami-Ryuk was a bit of a laugh.

All of the victims didn’t have it coming too unlike Death Note. In the first season, there’s the decision to abandon the other children or to save them all. This isn’t exactly between people having different views on justice and society but rather an escape story, at first anyways.

Synopsis: The first season has three extremely smart children who discovered the sinister truth behind their orphanage. The oldest and brightest of the bunch mounts a daring escape into the woods so they can evade having dinner with their evil captors.

5.Ergo Proxy

What’s the one element common in all these picks? Yes, that’s right- clever characters, and a psychological aspect that is enjoyable.

Synopsis: Set in a dystopian future in a bureaucratic Romdeau City, ergo proxy is a struggle between humans, infected AutoReiv(bots that gained sentience), and proxies. The main protagonist is Re-l and Vincent law.

This is a bit more complicated than Death Note though.


This list is intended to give audiences solid choices when wanting to watch an anime like Death Note. Also, if you are looking for Death Note related items like a ryuk death note try heading over to Aliexpress. Maybe you will find something cool.