Top 10 Flowers Themed Wedding for Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor weddings’ photographs always come out gorgeous and beautiful. You must have come across them while you browsed through the net to get some ideas of your own. Well, what they don’t show is the effort and struggles of the management and the couple to pull-off an outdoor wedding. Selection of flowers and aligning them with the theme is a difficult job to do.

Since venue for outdoor weddings already cost more, you can browse wholesale flowers online within a reasonable rate.


For summer weddings, sunflowers are the best option in terms of cost, convenience and beauty. Outdoor wedding themes of garden, enchanted forest or picnic go pretty well with sunflower as the main flower. It is better to use only one type of flower otherwise the appeal will be less. You can use stems and foliage to compliment the main flower.


For Victorian garden, polka dot or retro theme, roses are just perfect for outdoor weddings. Roses can handle the temperature difference well. Outdoor weddings can be risky if the weather is not suitable but roses somehow manage to portray its beauty in all seasons. Garden roses are on the expensive end, so usually a cheaper flower is paired with it. However, if the couples opt for higher budget, they use two or three shades of roses instead of using other flowers.


For rustic, vintage or boho themes of outdoor, you can never go wrong with greeneries. Green chrysanthemum, orchid, zinnia, carnation and dianthus are usually the first preference for shades of green. Couples even like to use just normal stems and foliage combined with woody barks.


Even for outdoors when you want to go for pastels or subtle theme, protea would be the most appropriate. You can easily get them as wholesale flowers online since the flower doesn’t need another variety to fulfill the décor. Pink and white-blush are two popular shades of protea which are suitable for such themes.


Fairy tale and Asian garden are two unique themes for outdoor weddings. Couples worry about not finding a suitable flower for this. Well, succulents actually perfectly align with the theme. With ornate decorations, these blooms actually create a fairy tale ambience. The flowers are firm and hardy and easier to handle while decorating the venue.


For tropical outdoor weddings, orchids rank the highest and we probably even don’t have to tell you why! The rich color palette of orchids makes the task quite easy for the floral designer. He or she plays with the décor as much as they want and would still come up with something elegant and stunning. That’s how versatile orchids are and you can never go wrong with them.


Carnations are one of the most long lasting and strong flowers. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding which is more of a party theme with cocktails and pools, carnations would be the most appropriate. These flowers can take on high temperature and still look vibrant and colorful. You can add peonies to it to get a richer look. You can get them easily by browsing wholesale flowers online.

Baby’s breath

These beautiful white flowers work as filling flowers for bouquets and floral accessories. But they are an integral part of garden themed outdoor weddings as well. For any garden themed weddings, baby’s breath is usually one of the complimentary flowers alongside tropical flowers such as anthurium, birds of paradise etc.


This flower has gained popularity due to its unique shape. Ranunculus also has a rich color texture and the flower alone can be used to decorate the entire wedding. The bridal bouquets are the center of attraction when ranunculus is used. How this beautifully shaped flower is set into a bouquet along with green stems and foliage is always a fascination for the guests. Ranunculus is most suitable for clichéd beach weddings.


Tulips are easier on the wallet and soothing to the eyes. These flowers are usually paired with an expensive flower such as garden roses or hydrangea. For budget weddings, tulips are the best possible choice. The colors look vibrant and beautiful and they are widely available during all the seasons. For tropical themed outdoor weddings, tulips go well.