Tips For Setting Up Your Wedding Website

Getting married is one of the most important as well as most stressful times in a couple’s lives together. Everything from the invitations to the seating arrangements can have a huge impact on the wedding itself as well as friendships with people who didn’t make the cut. Wedding websites are a great idea as it can help organize quite a bit and can reduce questions from guests. The following are some tips to set up your wedding website and what you should put on it.

There are those couples who decide to use a generic site with a link to their page. This does work but you have more control if you buy a domain and set up the website yourself. Buying a domain doesn’t have to be expensive as Groupon has coupons for GoDaddy available and they update daily. This will allow you to set up your site as you want instead of it being generic like everyone else’s pages. Pick a template for the site that you love then it is time to start writing the content on the site.

The content of the site is the reason that everyone will visit your wedding website. It is amazing how many people are scrambling to figure out the wedding venue on the day of the wedding. The website can be a resource for those people who tend to forget things or quickly read over things. This can be a great place for you to put your wedding registry or at least a link to its page. Another nice touch can be the story of how you both met and how things progressed. Finally if the story is cute then writing out the way the proposal happened can be great and many of your guests might not know the story at all.

Finally instead of asking people on the invitation of what they would like to eat, they can have a section where they can vote on specific items. This might not lead to exact number but it can help give a general idea. If people can login to the site with their emails all of the RSVP nightmares that couples go through will be over