Tips On What To Wear On Your First Rave Musical Festival


Rave Day is coming! You just got your ticket, and you only have a few days left, but you still don’t know what to wear. Let us help you create your best outfit for the upcoming Rave event.

Below are some of the cool DIY tips on how to create a rave outfit that will stand out in the dark.

Tip.1 Girls Should Wear Colorful and Bright Outfit

Raves are usually held at night or in dark areas where the only source of light is the laser and strobes lights. Thus, you need to wear something bright and colorful so you will get noticed even in the dark. It can either be a casual outfit or something intricate handmade design. Keep in mind this is one event that you can dress in any fashion without getting judged.

Tip.2 Accessorize Your Look

As compared to girls, the rave fashion for men is changing now and then. The best way to make your look different is to add some accessories. You can wear rave masks to look cool. Putting on trendy and fashionable rave sunglasses can also make a difference.

Tip.3 The More Colorful, The Better

As mentioned earlier, women should go for bright, light-reflecting tops. Make sure that you will be visible even when in the dark. For men, they can put on a supercool arc reactor top. Wearing a tank top with a unique image will make you one of the coolest guys in the event.

Tip.4 Groove to the Music with LED Gloves

Your outfit will not be complete without a pair of sound-activated LED gloves that dances to the rhythm and create a fantastic show of light. Both men and women can put on these attention-grabbing LED gloves. It is getting more popular as it adds life and color during the rave.

Tip.5 Wear the Funkiest Bottoms

Girls can have a metallic bottom, and it does not matter whether it’s a skirt, pants, or booty shorts. Just put on your hippest and funkiest bottoms. Pair it with bright neon colors, which allows you to shine. For guys, wear those fashionable looking pants that will surely put you on the groove.

The most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable in what you wear. Some clubs may require a strict dress code, and others may allow casual wear. So, before heading to the rave venue, make sure you check the guidelines beforehand.