Tips And Ideas For Wearing Alluring Celtic Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are popular Irish jewelry item made up of valuable stones. These rings usually depict pair of hands that are sign of love, friendship, bonding, and relationships. These rings can be crafted using various symbols each with its own unique meaning. Many rings have crown that reflect sincerity and loyalty and animal rings and Celtic cross rings are also common designs used widely across the globe.

Emerald claddagh ring and other types of Celtic jewelry are generally worn by people with an aesthetic taste and girls and women love wearing Celtic rings as they are sign of love and relationship. Usually people gift these rings as a wedding gift and many ladies wear it after engagement. These attractive jewelry pieces are known widely across the globe for their mesmerizing look and unique feel that it brings to the wearer.

Ideas for wearing claddagh rings

As mentioned above, claddagh rings can be worn for various purposes and on various different occasions. Here are some tips and ideas to help you wear claddagh rings with ultimate style and grace to make your special moments a little more worthwhile.

Wear rings on right hand

Those who are not married yet can choose to wear the claddagh rings on the ring finger of their right hand. Unmarried girls and women avoid wearing rings on left hand and wear it on the right one to show they are not married yet and looking for a relationship. Many people also wear these rings to tell others about their upcoming wedding.

Wear the ring with heart

A lot of people wear the claddagh rings with heart on it to shoe they are not in a relationship of any kind. The heart should be faced towards the end of the finger and the crown must be position in an inward direction. This shows that you have romantic feelings but not for someone particular. This style is worn for telling the world about your search for a life partner.

Wear the ring with heart positioned at center

Those who are engaged and have found the love of their life; wear claddagh rings with heart positioned at the center of the hand. This tells other people that you are in a relationship and are about to marry. People who are dating someone wear these rings occasionally for telling friends and those around about their inclination towards someone special.

Wear the ring on left hand

Those who are committed to someone usually wear these rings on the left hand. Wearing claddagh rings on left hand means you are engaged or married. This is common in Irish culture and in many other cultures as well.