Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer In Your Budget

A wedding photographer on a budget! Sounds insane, right? How can one think of sacrificing on that because photographs are the sole memories that last?

If you want to hire an affordable and a professional wedding photographer, it’s possible! For perfection, you will need to put extra effort by following these 7 tips and you can hire even your favorite photographer on a budget. And if you don’t have a favorite, these simple tips will help you shortlist the best professional hire for your wedding photography.

  1. Required Budget To Be Set Aside For Photography

Wedding Photography isn’t something to be entirely compromised. You should fix at least 10 to 13% of your complete wedding budget for photography domain. Photographs are going to last not the moments of the day.

Professional photographers are difficult to be found on low budget but read on to find out how your memories can be professionally and flawlessly captured on your wedding.

  1. Ask For Recommendation From Your Networks

Begin your research by taking recommendation from friends and family who recently planned their wedding few years back. Check out their albums to consider whether the photography results and your requirements fit together. Search out the social media for professional photographers and their albums. Moreover, ask your wedding planner, caterer, florist, wedding venue manager for recommendations.

Finally, list out all the photographers whose work or recommendation you’ve come across and liked. As your budget is short, get all the charges details and compare them so you can choose the best.

  1. Ask For Discount In Exchange For Free Referrals & Recommendation

You can ask them to offer you a discount in return for free referral to your friends and social media circle. If you run a blog or website with a good outreach, you may offer them some publicity in exchange for some discount. After all, every business requires client reviews and publicity for its growth.

  1. Out-Of-Season or Post-Wedding Photo Shoot

In summer, wedding photographers often charge high as well as on weekends. If your wedding is scheduled in winter or on a week day, you may get charged low or even get a discount.

If it’s still not affordable, you can plan a post-wedding shoot if you are particularly interested in portraiture photography. Even videography on post-wedding shoot isn’t some out-of-fashion idea.

  1. Sketch Out Your Requirements: What, Why And Who?

Firstly, comprehend what kind of photographer you want to hire: Documentary photographer, Portraiture expert or Hybrid of these?

Secondly, keenly seek out the photographer who will take shots perfectly at your venue. From the albums, you can judge who is best for open-air photography or indoor venue. It’ll help you shortlist the on-budget photographers available out there and get the ideal photography results.

  1. Look Out For Customized Packages

Professional wedding photographers usually have different kinds of packages. Get the details and costs of different packages that they are offering and cut short any unnecessary services from them. You can even get your package customized according to your set requirements and budget.

Moreover, Post-wedding expenses can be cut short by asking them for skipping on additional editing and not using leather or expensive album covers. You can ask them to take out selected number of photos for the final album and keep the computerized version of the rest of the photos afterwards.

  1. Try Out A Budding Photographer

If a budding photographer’s portfolio meets your requirements, then trying him/her out wouldn’t be a bad idea. He needs experience and looks for greater quality in his work for future success and if you are satisfied with his prior results, then the match is perfect. Still uncomfortable? Arrange a short photo session with him to get contented.