Tips and Tricks When Buying Sunglasses for the Elderly

Tips and Tricks When Buying Sunglasses for the Elderly

Designer eyepieces are aimed at the younger generation, but they are more than a fashion statement. These things play an important role in protecting people’s eyes. Eye care is very important as we get older, and older individuals can be more prone compared to younger people when it comes to visual problems. It is true, especially for people that are constantly exposed to Ultraviolet rays.

Prolonged and regular exposure to UV rays can contribute to eye problems. One common issue is corneal irritation, also known as keratitis, as well as clouding of the lens caused by problems like cataracts. Cataracts are common eye issues for older individuals, and the impact of too much sunlight is a huge factor in the growth or progression of this condition. Age-related macular degeneration, which is a common cause of blindness in older adults, can also be linked with over-exposure of the eyes to UV rays.

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Avoiding sunlight is not recommended as it can exacerbate other visual or health problems, but blocking ultraviolet radiation with the right eyepiece is a stylish and simple way to minimize sun damage. Health professionals warn about the dangers of sunlight to people’s skin and of the need to wear sunscreens with high SPF or Sun Protection Factor. But our vision also needs to shield from harmful rays, especially with older individuals.

Various Types of Sunglass Lenses

Eyepieces come in all colors, shapes, and styles these days, and they come in all types of materials, too, from commonplace paper, bamboo, or wood to high-tech acetates. The good news is, a lot of fashionable eyewear comes with lenses that offer 100% visual protection from harmful ultraviolet light.

The key to protecting our visual organs against harsh sunlight is blocking a particular wavelength of light. It is sunlight in the UV A and B bands of 380 to 400 NM. It is a common misconception that the darker the lens, the more Ultraviolet light it can block. Clear or semi-dim sunglasses like Off-White Sunglasses can still stop the UV radiation from reaching the visual organ, and the best guide to its effectiveness and efficiency can be found on its label.

How Can Eyepieces Help Older Adults?

Eyesight eventually gets worse when people get older, and a lot of elderly report limited or blurred vision, which can worsen as years pass by. Prolonged and regular exposure to the UV rays can contribute to some of these problems. The best way to avoid these issues is to wear the right eyepiece. Make sure to check the protection level of sunglasses before purchasing. These things can block ultraviolet rays and is a stylish and simple way to minimize visual damage.

When to Wear One?

These things can be worn outside the house in any type of weather. As long as these sunglasses have 100% ultraviolet protection, older individuals can make sure their eyes are protected and safe. It is very important not to confuse ultraviolet protection with other kinds of lenses. For instance, polarized ones will cut down glares from horizontal reflective surfaces. Unfortunately, polarization in itself cannot stop the UV radiation from reaching the visual organ.

Similarly, sunglasses with polychromic features will darken as the lights get brighter, but there is no inherent ultraviolet protection. It is even the same with sunglasses with mirror coating. They can reflect tons of light, but the light that passes through can still contain harmful UV radiation.