Things To Consider When A Hiring Limousine For Wedding In Perth

Every wedding is different, with a specific theme and atmosphere that expresses the uniqueness of the newlyweds, which is why there are so many transportation options on has over 500,000 used car for sale in the UK to choose from. But, we can tell you first hand why a luxury limo ride tops the chart as the ultimate form of wedding transportation.When hiring a wedding car or wedding limo in Perth there are few things to consider.


The Limo color

But as always, it’s best to choose white. Nothing beats white limo for a wedding. It’s always looks great in the photos and never dates.

Does the limo have a Bridal door to allow easy access with the gown?

Some limos only have rear door and you have to crawl to front seats as the Bride is usually last out this can be a problem.

Passenger numbers? How many passengers and for how long? 

You may be in limo as a full group for only a few minutes between photos and reception. Having a passenger in the front for a few minutes may be the difference between stepping up in limo sizes and the savings can be large.

Check on what is included in the quote and what are the extras

Ribbons, glassware & ice, red carpet runners, child seats, & the bridal bears on the grille. Is bottled water part of the deal?  What does the chauffeur wear?   Hopefully a suit. If you are unsure, ask to inspect limousines and confirm that this is the limo you will be hiring and you are comfortable with the operator.

Your budget

This is one of the most significant things to consider. The person hiring a limo service should also clarify if the company accepts credit cards or plain cash to avoid problems.

The company’s credibility

Inquire if they are registered and are legally operated. Search if the company also belongs to government-registered associations and how many years it is being operated.

Make ѕurе that the company hаѕ insurance for all its vehicles іn саѕе of any untoward еvеntѕ will take place while рrоvіdіng their сlіеntѕ thru limousine hire ѕеrvісеѕ.

Make a tip

Be generous to the driver. If the car becomes messy after the affair, it is just fair if you pay a higher tip. Bear in mind that cleaning a limo is the driver’s task.And lastly, it’s not a good look for a wedding limo (or any other occasion) to arrive late!