The Best Sandals For The Right Occasions

It can be hard to plan footwear for the summer. Of course, you want shoes that are stylish, but sometimes practicality wins out as well. When the heat and humidity are going to be intense, is that really when you want to put on socks and a pair of sneakers? Probably not. But those solid colored inexpensive flip flops are best left as a shower shoe option.

As you begin your search for the perfect sandal that can work for many occasions you may find yourself scouring the internet and shoe shops hoping to find a pair that catches your eye. But especially when you consider women’s sandals, you may become overwhelmed with the many options available to you. 

There are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect sandal that perhaps you haven’t considered. Treat your feet well and they will carry you on all manner of adventures. Below you’ll find some important details to take into account before you buy your next pair of sandals. 

Arch Support

One place where sandals typically fall flat is with their arch support. As summer gets going and sandals start appearing on feet near you, so too will the news stories and articles informing everyone that flip flops just aren’t great for the health of your feet. 

It’s an unfortunate reality that many sandals and flip flop options on the market are quite fashionable but offer little in the way of arch support. If you’re wondering why arch support is touted as so important, join the club. Can a little extra support in the middle of your foot really make all the difference for your comfort? 

It may surprise you that the answer is yes. Or, if you’ve ever suffered walking through a theme park in unsupportive footwear maybe you aren’t at all shocked by that revelation.  Many people are afflicted with pain in their feet throughout their lives but did you know in the summer the number of women reporting foot pain goes up? 

Arch support is important for overall foot health so it stands to reason that you should look for sandals that provide this all-important feature. Proper arch support will offer the benefit of evenly distributing the pressure across your whole foot. If you’ve ever spent a few hours in stiletto heels you probably understand how having your whole foot supporting your weight can be beneficial. 

Because your feet are the key to your mobility, limiting their chances of being in pain is overwhelmingly important to your personal comfort. Luckily it is possible to find sandals that have proper arch support. Having arch support in your sandals will allow you to maintain the best possible posture and balance as you go about your regular activities.

Taking the time to invest in a great pair of sandals with arch support will get your feet off to a great start for the summer. Don’t stick yourself with sandals that will leave you in pain and out of balance, investing in yourself and getting great arch support is worth it!

Heel Strap

As you continue your hunt for the sandal of the summer you have to decide whether you need an ankle strap or not. Luckily for you, there are sandals with arch support in varieties that are the more traditional flip flop style of sandal and those that feature ankle or heel straps. 

Whatever you decide you want to find a pair of sandals that fit your feet properly. Most people have experienced a blister on their foot at some point in their lives. Blisters, small fluid-filled bubbles on your skin, are caused by friction due to ill-fitting footwear. Blisters can be painful, unsightly and can become infected if they aren’t well cared for. 

No one enjoys winding up with a blister which is why finding sandals that fit well is so important. Many people prefer a sandal that has a strap on the heel or ankle to help cut down on the sliding around that flip flops can bring. The caveat is that if the strap is causing friction on your skin they can also be the culprit of a blister popping up when it is most inconvenient. 

Whichever style of sandal you prefer, the best thing you can do is to break them in slowly. Don’t simply put on a new pair of sandals or shoes on the first day of a long vacation, especially on a trip that will involve a lot of walking. That is a recipe for disaster. 

Get your new footwear extra comfortable by wearing it around for short bursts of time so you know you aren’t going to end up in pain. Making sure your shoes are the correct size is also important. Did you know that feet can continue to grow over time? Pregnancy and other physical changes can affect the size of your feet for years after you’ve stopped getting taller! 

Don’t fall into the trap of buying the same shoe size without double-checking that it is accurate. Especially if you haven’t had your foot sized recently, it may be worth measuring the length and width of your feet before buying new sandals. Some brands sizing varies as well, so having the most up to date measurements can help you get the perfect fit! 

Quick Drying


One of the best parts about summer is that the weather is nice enough to spend time around water! Whether you prefer to visit a lake, ocean, river or simply the local pool is up to you, but you definitely need footwear that can handle a little moisture without being damaged. One thing is certain, no one wants to put on socks and sneakers when their feet are wet. 

Sandals are the perfect option for earing around the water. (If you are looking for footwear options to wear in the water, there are even sandals and water shoes that are perfect for being immersed for long periods of time.) Because sandals offer excellent airflow, it doesn’t matter if your feet are a little wet when you put sandals on. 

If you enjoy water parks or theme parks with the ever-popular flume type ride you may want to avoid sandals that have an absorbent foam base to them. That slippery sloshy feeling isn’t one that many people covet as they walk around for hours at a time, so finding a sandal that is quick-drying is a great idea.  

Even if you aren’t going to spend a lot of time near water if your feet are susceptible to sweating in the heat of summer you may prefer the breathability of a good sandal in the summer months. Sandals offer feet that need to breathe and air out the chance to do so, which will help cut down on stinky summer feet as well! Just another small perk to sandals. 

Dress It Up or Down

Women are far more likely to find themselves sporting shoes that match their outfit and are cute. But fashion and function do not need to be mutually exclusive. It may seem like a mythical unicorn, but did you know that you really can find just one pair of sandals that can be perfect for any occasion. 

Especially if you’re planning a vacation, you will want a pair of sandals that can easily go on a hike or long walk comfortably but might also be dressed up for dinner in the evening. There are options on the market for sandals that fit the bill and once you find the perfect all-purpose sandal you may wonder why you’ve spent the last few years packing so many pairs of shoes! 

Sandals can even be appropriate for the most formal of occasions, especially those when a long dress will primarily cover your feet anyhow. Many brides find themselves wearing comfortable sandals under their bridal gowns because they want excellent support and breathability on their long wedding day. 



No matter what your motivation in searching for the perfect sandal, there are options for any occasion. Get your summer off on the right (and left) foot by finding the sandal that can offer arch support and breathability. Whether you need a hiking sandal or one to pair with your maxi dresses or one that does both, sandals are the best footwear option for summer!