The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In South Africa

The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In South Africa

Owning property in South Africa can be something many people would like, so in this article we have listed the 5 priciest places to buy real estate.


This is one of the most affluent suburbs in South Africa. It is located in the Western Cape on the Atlantic seaboard. One of the attractions is the spectacular beach which is considered to be a superb surfing area. Lifeguards is on duty during the summer months. Sandy bay a famous nudist beach is only a couple of minutes away from Llandudno when walking. People can expect to pay R46 000 per square meter when investing in real estate in this area. An average price for houses in the area is between 15 and R20 million.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay is another popular and wealthy neighborhood in Cape Town. In particular during the summer months it attracts many tourists local as well as international. The San people were the first to live in the area. People can expect to pay between 15 and R30 000 000 for a house in this area. Since 2008 there has been a blue flag beach in this region. It is known as Camps Bay Beach and it is also the largest white sand beach in the Camps Bay region. There is life guard services available in the busy season.


Fresnaye has long been acknowledged as one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Cape Town metropolitan area. You will find this suburb between Sea Point and Signal Hill. It is not far from the Central business district of Cape Town. A house in this suburb could cost you between 10 and R20 000 000 rand while one- and two-bedroom apartments can cost between 1 and R3 000 000. Fresnaye belonged to a French man in the 1800’s and that why streets still have French names. The entire area was one planted with vineyards and orchards and was known known as a garden of Eden.

Bantry Bay

This is another extremely affluent suburb in the Cape Town metropolitan area. It is situated on the slopes of Lions Head. It provides a view over the rocky coastline. It is bordered by Clifton and Sea Point. There was once a botanical garden in the area and therefore before World war one the area was known as Botany Bay. A house in this area can cost between 10 and R100 000 000. This suburb is on the slopes of Lion’s Head. Charles Darwin once visited the area and this is substantiated by a plague on the sea shore. He is rumored to have made important geological observations dealing with the origin of granite.


The most affluent suburb in South Africa is Clifton. This is an exclusive residential suburb. The most expensive real estate in South Africa can be located here. Many of the homes are constructed on cliffs which provide home owners with a panoramic view of the surrounding ocean. Discovery Travel Channel rated Clifton Beach is one of the top 10 beaches on the planet. This beach was also awarded blue flag status in 2004. Forbes rated Clifton beach as one of the top 10 topless beaches on the planet. Clifton Beach is bordered by Bantry bay on the one side and Camps bay on the other. You can expect to pay between 30 and R120 million for a home on Clifton Beach.