How To Take Meaningful And Memorable Photos Of The Bride

Capturing the romance that surrounds a wedding is the job of a photographer. For such a momentous occasion, it’s imperative to produce images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Therefore, focusing on the meaningful details is a must; ditto with proper direction for all the “players” of the event so the best artistic expression through pictures evokes sincere emotions.

Among the most important images to be captured are those of the bride – after all, she is the star of the wedding. There are many ways to take lovely pictures of her. However, to ensure her complete satisfaction, it’s essential to have a thorough consultation with her first. This way, she will have a full comprehension of your creative strategy in ensuring a big collection of gorgeous photos of herself as the bride.

How To Go About It

  1. Get personal.

Get to know her better to learn her preferences and what photo concepts would perfectly match the lovely person that she is. Find out about issues she may have regarding photography styles, and her preferences in terms of angle shots.

A wedding photographer in Hobart agrees that one of the keys to beautiful and sincere-looking images is the pleasure of the experience. So, have a good one-on-one with the bride.

  1. Lay down inspirations together.

For a clear idea of what can be done, ask the bride to present her own artistic inspirations for you, and do the same yourself. It’s always good to have a meeting of the minds because that’s how new ideas are formed.

Both of you can combine your inspirations to create completely unique images of her instead of just glamorous copies of generic bridal pictures.

  1. Ask about the bride’s happiest moments.

Since the wedding is a major life event, consider stitching together other joyous moments in her life with it. Present the idea of a story for her photos since including a backstory will bring more meaning and depth to her bridal shots.

  1. Ask the bridesmaids about the quirky characteristics of the bride.

Get another perspective to show off the unique personality of the bride. It’s a beautiful thing to see the many facets of her personality because they are the reason why she’s loved by her man. You need to let the authentic “her” shine through, and there are no better people to tell you about the special qualities of the bride other than her closest friends and family.

You will surely derive a lot of artistic inspiration for the pre wedding photography shoot from your conversation with her gal pals.

  1. Give the bride tips on how to look her best for the photo shoot.

Demonstrate that you are an absolute pro by sharing some tricks and tips on how great-looking photos are achieved. Share beauty tips that you know work such as getting a temporary tan for that golden glow, or getting a facial at least two weeks before the shoot.

  1. Always encourage the bride.

Direct with patience and don’t be stingy with compliments. Be the bride’s mentor and cheerleader before, during and after the shoot. An experienced wedding photographer says this always works because a genuinely happy bride always looks great in photos.

With these tips, you can be sure to capture stunning images of the bride and, at the same time, create positive experiences she will always remember. Not only will she treasure her wedding photos, but she will also view the entire process behind the photos with fondness and joy.


Linda Pasfield is best known for her skill to capture emotion on film and expression in an art form. Linda has had 20 years of experience photographing weddings, portraiture,    and documentary. She is an award-winning photographer and Linda’s career has taken her worldwide, photographing for Olim Aid International, Worship Centre and Cross Rds, and numerous other organisations. Photography is Linda’s passion and “capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy.”