Signs Your Eyelashes Could Do Better

Signs Your Eyelashes Could Do Better

Eyelashes extensions are popular for good reasons. They give your face a unique glam and drama. They also make your eye pop beautifully. But the process of getting the extensions properly and correctly applied can be a bit difficult. For these reasons, it may be difficult to find the right eyelash technician with experience.

When applied incorrectly, there are telltale signs your eyelashes could do better. You’d experience discomfort or even pain amongst other signs. This post contains ways to know bad eyelash extensions application and how they could do better. Read on to find more!

If Brushing Your Eyelash Extension Causes Discomfort

If this happens, it means too much glue was been used for applying the extensions, and your lashes are stuck together, in other words, your natural lashes have poor isolation. When this happens, your natural lashes can get damaged or broken. If you experience this, trust me, you need to find another eyelash technician. A well-applied eyelash extension should not cause discomfort while brushing.

If The Extension Pokes Or Irritates Your Eye

When the extensions are not properly placed on the natural lashes or if they are too long, they will irritate and poke your eye. Long extensions will twist and turn in awkward angles to eventually poke your eye. Lashes should be comfortable and should sit nicely on your natural lashes, not the other way round. Go for a shorter length or find an experienced lash technician.

If Your Eyelashes are Unnatural Looking

When your lash technician use extensions that look unnatural both in length and thickness for areas with short natural lashes like the inner eye corner, you may consider changing the technician.

Honestly, your lashes can do better than looking unnatural. There are natural-looking eyelash extensions that can help create a more natural look. Like the Appearanz eyelash extensions. They come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls.

The length ranges from 8mm to 18mm. For the curls, there is the D curl, J curl, B curls, and C curls. I consider Appearanz lashes as one of the best natural-looking eyelashes.

If Your Extensions Aren’t Fans But Clusters

Lash extensions can be applied in different styles. There are the classic styles, the Russian volumes, and the hybrid lashes. Volume lashes come in different types, the 2D up to 6D. These kinds of lashes should not be applied with permanent glue to avoid infections. Plus, they don’t look as luscious as they should be. If you have your lashes looking like spiders rather than pretty extensions, trust me, that’s a sign your lashes can do better.

If Your Extensions are a Single Length All Through

If you want natural-looking lashes, your technician should consider the shape and length of your natural lashes. Originally, natural lashes are made up of different lengths. The corners letters are shorter and weaker while the middle lashes are fuller and longer.

Extensions of mixed lengths should be used to mimic the natural lashes. Appearanz lashes come in mixed lengths. These mixed lengths are also available in different curls. Like the C Curls mixed lengths, D Curl mixed length, and the J Curl mixed lengths.


If your extensions make you look like a plastic doll that means your lash artist is not paying attention to styling details. You should consider doing something for a change.

Burning In The Eye After The Process Is Over

Slight eye-watering may occur while applying the extensions. That’s allowed, it means your nerves and reflex are working well. But continuous discomfort long after the process is over is not supposed to happen. You should feel relaxed and comfortable after the process. I’ve had experiences where I had to turn on the air conditioner to stop the lash glue from burning my eyes after the whole process. If this is the issue with you too, let your lash artist know if you are bothered by the glue during or after the process. It may also be that you are allergic to the glue, your eyes weren’t properly closed during the process, or you have the pad rubbing your eyes.

If Your Extensions Fall Off Quickly

Your extensions aren’t supposed to last forever. But that doesn’t mean they should fall off quickly. If applied properly, they should last up to 2-3 weeks. You don’t sit for 3 full hours only to have it fall off quickly. Naturally, we lose 2-5 lashes daily. If you have extensions attached to these lashes, sure, they’d fall off too. If you keep losing 2-5 lashes daily, do the math, how many will you have left by the end of the week?

Your technician should consider all these when applying the extensions. They should accentuate and fill up the scanty part of your natural lashes to avoid them looking sparse.

You should touch up your lashes biweekly to keep them looking full. But it all depends on the kind of care you give your extension after leaving the salon. Here are a few aftercare tips;

  • Do not get your lashes wet after 48 hours of applying them. This will make the lashes brittle. When they fall off, they take a huge chunk of your natural lashes with them. Trust me you don’t want that for your lashes. Allow the water to run down the side of your face when bathing.
  • Do not sleep with your face down. You don’t want your lashes sticking out in unnatural angles like you have spider legs for lashes. Sleep on your back or sides, and remember to brush through your lashes every morning.
  • Avoid oil-based products around your eyes. It will cause the lashes to fall off quickly
  • Do not use waterproof eyeliner, glitters, kohl, or gel liner with your extension. It takes extra effort to wash them off. In the process, you may destroy your extensions.
  • Clean your eyelashes every 3 days to remove dust, dirt, and makeup leftover from them.