How To Select The Right Wedding DJ In Kelowna?

Wedding a special occasion that requires special planning and organization; a Kelowna wedding DJ is a great choice to light up the occasion. The DJ will take up the responsibility of providing great music and maintaining positive vibe through the wedding. Therefore, one can say that the success or failure of a wedding party depends on the DJ. As a DJ is devoid of any religious or cultural bias one can expect pure music along with the wit and humour. However, it is not easy to find a professional disc jockey who is a master at all these things. The following tips provided by Airwaves DJ Company can help in finding the right DJ for the right event.


In the market, one could find various types of disc jockeys who have mastery in one field or another. But, it does not mean that every DJ is a perfect fit to be present in a wedding. The wedding disc jockeys Kelowna are the only ones specialized in performing at wedding receptions. The rest like Karaoke Jockeys, Radio Jockeys, etc. have their own areas of expertise. Therefore, one must select a wedding DJ who is aware of the mood swings, desires and requisites of a wedding reception.


Wedding is not an ordinary deal and the best in the business have to work at organizing it. So, one would naturally expect an experienced DJ to churn the playlist. Therefore, one needs to shortlist out of the many wedding DJs Kelowna and find the rightly experienced individual. Further, one has to look at how a particular DJ understands the wedding protocol and how he goes about it. Experience is very important as a novice jockey can get confused and play unusual or inappropriate tracks at certain moments. On the contrary, experienced disc jockeys know when to play certain beats better than anyone.

DJ’s equipment

A Kelowna wedding disc jockey is never complete without proper equipment. Ask the DJ about the types of equipment used, know whether he is using the latest of all the equipment and find out his mastery over the equipment. In addition, find out whether the DJ can bring any back up just in case. Spares or replacements of mixers, music players, etc. may be costly but one can certainly expect backups for headphones, cables, etc.

The equipment need not be of a higher brand, but should have all the functions required to make a wedding reception lively. This would ensure that the party is not interrupted and everything goes in a smooth manner.


Music is the heartbeat of a wedding DJ and the entire event depends on the type of music played. Therefore, double check about the playlist with the DJ and realize whether or not they are suitable for a wedding.


Never look for a wedding DJ in classifieds and it is better to search online or go forward through references. The best way is to search in the Internet and taking a decision after reading testimonials of the clients.

One could also check for affordability when there is a limited budget. Overall, these tips could really help in finding the right wedding disc jockey.