Repair Solutions for Broken Zippers

Repair Solutions for Broken Zippers

Whether you like it or not, your zipper will break or get damaged at one point or another. Once this happens, you must know how to get it fixed.

Here are some of the most common zipper problems and how to solve them:

Fixing Missing Zipper Pull Tabs

It is not yet the end of the world if you no longer have a zipper pull tab. Zipper pulls are not absolutely necessary for closing the zipper although they make it easier to close.

Once the zipper pull is already broken, of course, your best option is to replace the whole slider itself with the pull. However, if you don’t really want to replace the entire slider thing, you can use a metal ring or even simply twist a thin and small floral wire. Shape the wire just like a pull then attach. Easy, right?

Fixing Loose Zippers on Pants That Come Down Often

When your zipper still comes down sooner than needed, you can always use the quick and easy fix of tying the pull tab with a plastic band or a small ring to the pant button. If you don’t like this quick and easy idea, the permanent solution is to use the pliers to tighten the slider on the teeth.

Fixing a Zipper That Opens Too Soon

Now, you can just imagine how nightmarish this scenario can get. The last thing you want is to go out on a date only to find that your fly is open.

Luckily, the solution for this is a simple and common sense one. Most of the time, the zipper pull features a locking mechanism that keeps it from sliding down.

How to Unstick a Zipper and Fix a Broken Zipper

Don’t forget to use this once you closed the zipper teeth.

You will hear a very tiny snapping sound once the pull is down with the zipper locking system locked in. Your zipper will no longer come open except when you force it down and pull it up.

Fixing a Zipper with Teeth That Separate After Zipping Up

You zip your zipper, but your garment stays open. While your zipper looks as beautiful as it used to be, nothing can be as frustrating as closing the zipper pull only to see the teeth still separated.

This problem has something to do with the zipper slider and to fix this, you have to repair the slider. Another alternative is replacing the entire zipper itself which might mean a lot of hassle on your part.

This issue often happens with constant and regular zipper use. The slider gets loose, wide apart, or worn out. Even the smallest gap in the slider is already enough for the zipper to refuse to close. Thus, the teeth will not mesh or combine for the zipper to close up.

Fixing Zipper Sliders

The zipper slider has three gaps that can be adjusted to fix this issue. Side gaps on both sides of the slider must be narrowed using a plier. You also need to narrow the up and down position.

You should force down these gaps with a plier so that the slider works properly. You should also gently coarse the slider tight. Make sure you don’t to this tight on your first try. Start by making a small adjustment and test the slider. Tighten it further only as needed.