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Practical Beauty: Organize Your Living Room with a Sectional

A sectional couch is a large, modular, and comfortable set of pieces with enough sitting room for your friends or your whole family. If you have a lot of guests, you must have one in your living room. Movie sessions, sleepovers, or hangouts with friends will be way more valuable and you’ll be able to offer them a much more enjoyable experience. When you hear about a sectional sofa you automatically picture an L-shape couch, which in reality it can be, but don’t forget that the market has a lot more to offer in a matter of shapes and forms like U-shaped, curved, with right and left armrests and many other configurations, even though our favorite one might be the 120 inch model.

One interesting fact is that you didn’t see many sectional sofas until the Victorian era when the most common thing people did was putting two couches together to have one large one to sit everyone (guests or family). Thankfully, this kickstarted the idea and someone decided to create a large sofa, made up of a few matching pieces, making it adapt to the situation at hand.

They are usually made up of three or more pieces configured in different ways, providing an enormous range of customizable types depending on what you are looking for. Besides being a big couch, it is a luxurious decoration item that can fit in a small or bigger living room, revolutionizing the interior design chosen.

To sum up, these pieces are such a beautiful element that you can bring into your living room, while also having the advantage of being functional due to their sizes and multiple components – they allow you to adapt them to any space with ease, making them the ultimate choice if you want versatile and functional comfort.

All About Function

If your priority is having a cozy, relaxed, and multifunctional couch, this one’s for you! The major purpose of having a long sectional is to comfortably sit everyone you invited to your house. With that said, I will present you with some of the adjustable features you can choose on such a functional and practical sofa.

Living Room

As mentioned earlier, regarding shapes there is a curved, an L-shapes, and a U-shapes – the choice is yours on what fits better in the space you determined for the piece. About sizes, it’s one of the most important characteristics when picking one, and there are some guides on the internet on how you can measure them in accordance with the available space. What if you have more space on the right than on the left? Just choose a better orientation and it will look perfect. Some have a reversible design that allows the separated parts to be set up both in a left and a right orientation. When talking about features, having a reclining seat is a must for every napper out there, as it allows you to lay down and achieve a comfortable position.

Last but not least, the fabric you choose for your couch is essential because if it’s made of faux leather, stain cleaning will be faster and more effortless than other fabrics, turning an otherwise nightmare into something much simpler, especially if you have kids. Although, remember that artificial leather won’t last as long as cotton.

Stunning Decor Piece

Before determining the layout and size of your sectional couch, it is time to decide what of the many market options will match the rest of the furniture and design of your room. You want to add some splash of color, or a traditional leather brown will suit you best? The design you’re looking for is more modern and futuristic, or is it more mid-century? Which color will look better, grey, white, or a bold and bright yellow? There are so many questions, and thankfully sectional sofas are available in many different styles, colors, and fabrics so the choice is completely yours! Some of these items even have LEDs incorporated in their bottom which causes a luxurious and fancy ambiance and the perfect mood for a romantic movie night!

The Best of Both Worlds

Now you know all about sectional couches, their practicality and how they can become the majestic decor piece of your room, office or even of your entire home – you just need to pick the right shape, size, material, and color to fit the ambiance and the space. Thanks for reading and if we’ve inspired you to get a sectional for yourself – enjoy it!