How To Plan Pre Wedding Ceremonies & Post Wedding Rituals & Honeymoon?

Planning a wedding celebration is a mammoth task. It is not just a single day, rather one has to plan the pre-wedding ceremonies, post-wedding ceremonies, and not to forget the honeymoon. All these aspects of a wedding contribute to make a successful ceremony, worth remembering not just for the couple and family members but for the guests as well.

Source : Parekh Cards

When you are planning for an exclusive wedding ceremony, then you would need designer Indian wedding invitations. These are specially beautified cards with the right theme of the wedding celebrations to let the guests know how glamorous the wedding is going to happen. Let us check some ways to plan your pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations, along with some planning tips for the honeymoon.

Designer Indian wedding invitations to include pre wedding ceremonies

Before the wedding, there are many interesting ceremonies and rituals to enjoy the occasion. It is important to invite the guests to all of them to multiply the flavour and fun. Hence, adding these pre-wedding ceremonies in the designer Indian wedding invitations is a must. The most important pre wedding events are:

  1. Engagement ceremony: Every Indian community, be it Hindu or Islam or Christians begin the nuptial ceremony with the engagement. As it is the start of the wedding celebrations, it must be planned in the most elite way. The bride and groom should wear the best outfits with matching jewellery, and should have impressive rings to exchange.
  2. Haldi and Mehendi: These two are the most important religious ceremonies that are performed before the wedding day. Haldi and Mehendi are considered to be auspicious for the bride and groom; also these two ceremonies make the bride and groom glowing on their wedding day.
  1. Sangeet and cocktail: These two ceremonies are to have fun and excitement. Couples, family members, and guests enjoy and make merry together and have loads of fun.

Post wedding rituals after Indian wedding ceremony

  1. Vidaayi: This is the first ritual that is performed after the Indian wedding event. The bride leaves her home and every community has a unique tradition to perform.
  2. Reception: This is the gala event after the wedding day. It is a simple event, when everybody celebrates the success of a wedding. There are no rituals or traditions.
  3. Grah Pravesh: The newlywed bride enters the groom’s house in a grah pravesh ceremony. It is a wonderful ceremony when the bride is welcomed in the most beautiful way.

How to plan your honeymoon?

After the success of your Indian wedding celebrations, you need to plan something memorable for your honeymoon trip. Honeymoon has to be enjoyed, as it the time for togetherness. Hence, pick up a destination where you can find solace and peace. A lot of couples choose crowded locations, which is a complete no-no option. A secluded place amidst nature is something that you need to select so that you can create memories for your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep the above things in mind and plan the best wedding of your life.