Dermal Fillers

Photo Day with Dermal Fillers

Being on camera and having photos taken anywhere and for any reason has become a big part of many people’s lives. Photos are more than just ways of treasuring fond memories of happy times, they are now a huge part of how we communicate, what we say to each other and how we socialize in general. So, wouldn’t you want to look your absolute best in all your photos?

This isn’t exactly easy to do. After all: the most important part of looking good in photos is simply being confident in them. But if you’re constantly worried about things like wrinkles, age marks or other parts of the face, how can you concentrate on having your photo taken? You can’t, but this is where dermal filler treatments like fillers for volume, against wrinkles and lip fillers NYC cosmetic clinics have on offer, come into play.

Thanks to the wonderful compounds like Juvederm and Restylane, 2 of the biggest dermal filler brands out there, you can be ready for any photo, at any occasion, at pretty much any part of the day. And not only that, but dermal fillers are capable of so much, that we’ll be looking through just a few of the compound’s advantages when it comes to having your photo taken.

Smoothing Out Skin

Wrinkles are not just annoying because they are visible lines going across otherwise smooth and healthy skin. Because they can be pretty deep, the lighting from certain angles can make the wrinkles even more visible and conspicuous. While you may be perfectly fine with seeing wrinkles in photos, as you feel that there is also beauty in growing old, there are tons of people out there who unfortunately don’t share your opinion.

This is where dermal fillers come in. The compound is chemically engineered to be injected under the skin and prop it up, stretching out the skin and smoothing it out. While you may think this can puff up your face, think again. Thanks to advanced techniques developed by years and years of constant development and improvement on the dermal filler treatment, results look absolutely natural and only a pair of very experienced eyes would be able to tell the difference between a treated face and a naturally young one.

So, if you’re worried about the fact that you went through dermal filler treatment being noticed on camera, well, you can put your worries aside and focus on the advantages of dermal fillers and how they can smooth out the skin, without making it look fake or synthetic. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the camera lens can pick up many things, but dermal fillers treating wrinkles are barely even noticeable through those.

Dermal Fillers

Volume Restoration and Facial Form

When it comes to looking young most people tend to focus on things like wrinkles, skin pigmentation and other more overt age marks. And sure, these are clearly visible and the easiest to make out in photos. But there are other factors that make up a youthful and vigorous face. These are things like form, shape and different contours.

Our faces are flat or round, but they have many ridges and angles which give it so much interesting flair. Without them, there’d be nothing interesting to look at. I’m talking about things like the jawline, chin, cheekbones, going all the way up to the forehead. These are all shapes that give your face so much personality. So when you age and your skin gets all loose and saggy, all these beautiful shapes are lost.

This is why you’ll notice that there’s a little extra skin hanging under the eyes or the jawline of older individuals. Again, this takes me back to my previous point in regards to wrinkles: not everyone finds this to be a problem. You may not, which is perfect, since it means you have a very confident self-image and dermal fillers can’t really do much for you. But there are many people in this world who unfortunately don’t share your confidence and go for dermal fillers to restore their volume.

You can try this experiment yourself and take two photos of the same person, one when they were young and the other when they are old. Comparing the two, you’ll see a noticeable difference, obviously, and yet it’ll be hard to pinpoint exactly what that difference is. This is because volume is a lot harder to see than your average age-mark, like wrinkle or those bags under the eyes.

But on camera they’re very visible and can be quite distracting. Which is why volume restoration is so important if you want to look good in front of the camera. It restores all those beautiful contours and shapes to your face, giving it a little extra character.

Bigger Lip and Bigger Smiles

And there’s one more very big treatment you can try out with dermal fillers. Lips are by far some of the most expressive parts of our face. Not only can they express so much, but they’re also exceptionally beautiful. I don’t need to tell you that all our lips are built differently, and some people naturally have bigger and more full lips, which is what’s more trendy at the moment.

Which is why there are so many people out there going into clinics like the Skinly Aesthetics medical spa in Manhattan to try out their Lip Fillers NYC treatment plan. It’s a safe and very effective way of making the lips bigger and more full, without having to sacrifice their natural beauty. Modern day cosmetic clinics prioritize authenticity more than ever before. They want to make you look as perfect as you want to see yourself, without making any part of your face look fake.

This is why lip fillers are great if you are looking to take your photos to the next level. They’re an effective type of treatment, one that brings out some beautiful features of the face, giving you that extra boost of confidence that you needed to get that perfect photo.