Why Military Tactical Watches Are The Must Have Fashion Watches?

Military watches are considered to be the father of all wristwatches that are worn by men these days. Before the First World War, the watches tended to be worn by women as jewelry. Men used to wear pocket watches. Trench warfare changed it all, as the wristwatches for men came up as a far more practical in a combat scenario.

The major watch brands supplied the military with durable, tough and accurate tactical watches in large numbers, and illuminated hands for easy and comfortable reading. These days, tactical watches tend not be a standard issue, with most of the military personnel wearing commercial brand watches, as long as they conform to a set of particular performance specifications.

Racing watches, pilot watches and sports watches can all be traced back to these early military issue watches. The military watches are characterized by black face, with very clear, white Arabic numerals and certainly need to be reliable and tough. They fall into two different categories – the field watches and the tactical watches. The field watches have familiar retro design, with analogue face, with clear and easy to read numbers as well as black face. The tactical watches are more up-to-date with additional features and are made available in both analogue and digital formats.

The military tactical watches are now no longer only restricted to military personnel and can be seen adorned by fashion enthusiasts, sports fans and urban warriors. Most of the wristwatch companies now offer a version of military tactical watches, and some of the brands have even made a name for themselves designing watches as per the military specifications. Check out this list of tactical watches.

Best military watches can be bought for as low as $50, and what characterizes them all are their ruggedness and toughness. Several fashion brands out there also do their own version, and when you are thinking of having a high end pilot or driving watches, the price range can vary dramatically.

So if you happen to be a collector of genuine, battle worn vintage tactical watches, or are looking for the latest ones in ultimate tough special op watches, the style of tactical watches offer a wide range of styles and brands to choose from.

Military tactical watches now happen to be a very popular wristwatch style with their resilient, retro designing and tough builds. Whether you are a collector of vintage military watches or an urban warrior considering having a cool military style, you have broad range of options!