How To Make Camping The Best Trip You Ever Had

Camping is the ideal, adventurous escape from civilization, providing enjoyment under the open blue sky in nature. However, if you do not prepare yourself well, instead of having the most beautiful trip, you can easily experience the real fiasco. Here is some practical advice from Hero Outdoor Climbing gear that will help you prepare yourself better.

Equipment – do not need to be a professional camper to know what you needed in the wilderness – tents and sleeping bags, food and water, food supplies, social games. It is best to make a list of all the things you cannot live without before packaging so you do not forget something.

Before you choose the perfect place for setting a tent, pay attention to the place and make sure it is dry, protected from the wind and that it has trees around. Avoid sandy and rocky places. The best place to set up tents are somewhere at the beginning of the forest.

Ten things without which you should not go on a camping trip:

  1. Tent and sleeping bag

Sometimes you will only need the tent, but it depends on the weather. If it is colder you will definitely need both of these things.

  1. Map or a GPS

If you are planning to explore unknown regions, you will need a map or better – a GPS to always know the exact location.

  1. Food and water

The amount of food and water will be determined by the number of days that you will spend on a camping trip.

  1. Cutlery

You will definitely need to take forks, knives and spoons with you on a camping trip. You will be very annoyed when you realize that you did not bring cutlery with you and you are not able to even open a can. So, this is a must.

  1. Lamp

Experienced campers say that the lamps that work with the help of propane-butane are the best because they give more light. Consider buying one if you do not have it already.

  1. Lighter

Yes, fires are prohibited when you go camping into the woods, but you never know when you might need to start a fire, maybe it will get too cold and that will be the only way to stay warm.

  1. Bug spray

You know that there are all kinds of bugs and insects in the forest, so you will definitely need a bug spray, and other that will significantly facilitate your stay.

  1. First aid kit

When taking a camping trip, the chances to get injured are bigger, so take a first aid kit with you.

  1. Warmer clothing

You should definitely choose the clothes according to weather conditions, but still even if it is summer you should take warm clothes with you because nights can be very cold in the forest.

  1. A camping – buddy

Going on a camping trip alone is not really fun. Consider taking a friend or a partner with you. You will have a great time.