LINQ Query for checking Time duration

Please see below is the code I am trying DatabaseName : Test TableName : Geico

I have a sql table which has column as below

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I want to have a LINQ query to check, when InsuranceID is passed as a input parameter, the logic needs to check for that particular InsuranceID if the CreationDate is >24 hrs return as True else return false

public IHttpActionResult TestDuration(GeicoDTO GeicoDetails)
                     var response = new GeicoDTO();
                     if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(GeicoDetails.InsuranceId))
                         bool result = from TT in db.Geico
                                       where (TT.CreatedDate => GeicoDetails.CreatedDate.IsPast24Hours());                                            
                         if (result = true)
                             response.Status = "success";
                             response.Status = "false";
                         return Ok(response);

public static class DateTimeExtensions
         public static bool IsPast24Hours(this DateTime dateTime) 
             => dateTime > DateTime.Now.AddHours(-24) && dateTime <= DateTime.Now;