Liat Kourtz Oved Promises to always keep your Instagram ready with CoverMe  

 Liat Kourtz Oved Promises to always keep your Instagram ready with CoverMe  

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It’s not only that cut-crease eye look, huge eyelashes, or glamourous makeup that gives you the Instagram look, but so much more goes into it.

The perfectly styled hair also makes an enormous contribution, and these makeup looks are not simply achieved by good cosmetics, but you need high-quality applicators. Every small thing plays its role in making you look Instagram ready always.

But do not get overwhelmed!


This all might sound a little too much work, but with CoverMe’s carefully curated range of makeup products, hair care, and accessories, you are sure to ace these trends.

The owner of CoverMe, Liat Kourtz Oved, is aware of the worldwide trends and the demands of modern contemporary fashion. Therefore, she has carefully chosen a collection of products for her website, which is small but enough to meet all your needs.

These meticulously picked products will check all your standards. They are of good quality, have precision, fulfill what they claim to do, and in short, they are capable of making you look Instagrammable in your everyday life too.

Now, you must be wondering if these products are really that satisfactory. They must be heavy on the wallet too. Well, worry not because CoverMe is there for us girls; they have fantastic package deals and sales that will not only get you high-end products but not mess up your budget either.

Especially their exclusive limited-edition truffle case for hair care is a steal!


Ladies, this product is hair care and hair treatment all in one. So, you can save up money on those saloon treatments because you will be getting the same results in half the price.

They have truffle shampoo, mask, serum, leave-in conditioner, and hair perfume, all without sulfates. It thoroughly cleanses your hair, balances the pH of your scalp, gives you soft, silky, and shiny hair, maintaining a youthful appearance. This unique product line of the Moroccan gold series is one of its kind in the world. Check it out already because it currently has a 40% discount offer going on, so get it before it sells out.

Now that you have healthy, beautiful, and manageable hair, you can easily style them with their hair appliance range. CoverMe is offering 2 in 1 straightener and curler with round braces. This product alone is enough to help you get bouncy waves, Victoria’s Secret huge curls, beachy waves, or even a smooth, sleek look. It will be an excellent investment.


If styling your hair scares you because of the damage it might cause, you can opt for their keratin protect intelligent hair straightener. It has almond oil and keratin infused in its ceramic plates, along with patented heat protection sensors that reduce hair damage and breakages up to 3 times.


CoverMe’s product range is a total godsent gift for your hair. You can style them without damaging them. And their hair care collection will ensure that your hair looks ad-ready 24/7.

As Liat Would Say:

“So, flick those luscious locks and take on the day, girl!”