Learn To Know How To Combine The Colors Of Clothes

Learn To Know How To Combine The Colors Of Clothes

Fashion is cyclical, so what is in trend now will not be and will come back. For this reason, learning to know how to combine the colors of clothes is something that depends on what the world of fashion imposes and also on the personal tastes of each one. Still, there are pretty basic set rules that we all need to know.

With this combination of colors we can be more or less successful when creating our look that can favor us the most.

Black And White

It is one of the perfect combinations and it makes you always hit the mark. In other words, if you wear black clothing, both underneath and on top, it goes well with practically everything you wear, although it is always better not to combine it with another color that is also dark, such as brown or navy blue shirt or trapstar hoodie.

On the other hand, white is always the perfect one to combine with everything you set out to do. With black, blue, red, pink, yellow or green. This already depends on each garment and the day that one has to know how to hit the best in his wardrobe.

Primary And Secondary Colors

There are other rules, but in the world of fashion they go a part because there are many things allowed. Thus, it is established, as a general thing, that it is better not to wear two pieces of clothing that are colors of the same category, that is, two primary or secondary colors.

Many Colors Are Crowd

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Also, there are things that are better not to do. Like, to match the colors of clothes, wearing three different colors in different clothes. Less is more in the world of fashion and this can lead to something rather ornate. So with two colors of different shades is totally enough.

Monochrome Combinations

Although in the past going dressed in a single tone was not so successful, now it seems that it is. We are talking about monochrome combinations, which look good if we do it with black, blue, green or pale pink. When the tones are very strong, it can sometimes lead to an excess of the same color.

Complementary Colors

In this case, it is another of the options that are taken into account when dressing and choosing clothes every morning. They are those complementary combinations or use the opposite colors in the chromatic circle, because it usually looks quite good to elevate our look.

According To Each Person’s Skin

Another thing is to combine the colors of the clothes, according to the skin tone of each person. People with lighter complexions can wear different colors, although black makes them even paler. With darker skin, then white, gold and silver are perfect, in addition to many others such as blue, green or pink. They are colors that enhance our skin and favor us.