Know About The Top 7 Brands Of E-Cigarettes

Nowadays, e-cigarettes or vapes are getting popular in the market when compared with traditional cigarettes, Because these e-cigarettes have several benefits and they are also less harmful than the traditional ones. But to avail those benefits, you always need to choose a quality product. So it is still an excellent choice to go for quality and branded product.

In this article, you will know about the top 7 brands of e-cigarettes that will provide you to select and purchase the best quality product on an affordable price and on which you can rely and trust.

1. Vapeking

Vapeking has a wide variety of vape products to enhance the vaping experience in everyday life. This brand provides all the accessories such as starter kits, coils, flavours and tanks. People always want quality and branded products, so if you are looking for such kind of works, then Look to VapeKing for WISMEC products.

2. Vaporesso

Vaporesso is not like other brands that manufacture look-alike products which possess the same functions and quality, but instead, they work on their own path to make their brand the most loved one. Vaporesso is one of the oldest vape manufacturing company form 2006.

3. Voopoo

Voopoo is popularly known by ‘The master of mods’ in the market. This brand may be the youngest among the list, but it is also the best. The reason behind their popularity is their original product named as VooPoo Drag. Recently, the company has introduced a new product called VooPoo Drag 2 with updated features and premium kits.

4. Freemax

Freemax may have fewer products in their list, but if we talk about the quality, they always fix their positions in this list of the most favourite branded products. Their first product was launched in 2014 and later on, after launching their second product in 2015 this company started getting fame.

5. Lost Vape

7 Brands Of E-Cigarettes

When it comes to creating high-end vape products, Lost Vape always stands first. Their main goal is to develop innovative vape kits. They had achieved their best product, that is The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go, but some of the people were not able to afford it. That’s why they later launched their new product that is The Lost Vape Orion Q, which has the same quality and half the cost.

6. Uwell

Uwell is famous for its tank and coil technology. Earlier they struggled a lot with their starting products, but further, they launched a gamechanger product that is UWELL Caliburn Pod Vape. Not only for the tank and coil technology but also they are famous for their vape flavours, juices and hardware’s battery life.


SMOK is the biggest and most popular vape brand. There is no doubt that this brand has the most outlets around the planet. SMOK products are available at cost-effective range with good quality.

Well, as for e-cigarettes or vapes, there is no brand competition because all the companies that are mentioned above, provides almost all the same features, products and designs. The only difference that you can notice here is quality and popularity! You just need to pick the right vape pen and vape flavour, and enjoy!