Is a Portable Hairbrush Trendy?

Is a Portable Hairbrush Trendy?

If you follow any influencers on social media today, you likely see a ton of hair products and trends. It seems like they’re always changing  – maybe because people are finding ways to entertain themselves during these downtimes in the pandemic or because there are millions of influencers today.

No matter what hair trend you follow or even which influencer you love, one thing that’s remained trendy, throughout, is the portable hairbrush.


It’s simple – how can you keep up with the hottest trends if you don’t have a brush with you? How would you keep your hair neat, untangled, and looking good?

If you haven’t jumped on the travel hairbrush trend, here’s why you should start.

You can Fix your Hair

Whether you live in the cold, frigid temps and bundle up in hats and scarves or you are out in the heat and wind, your hair gets messy, right? No one likes this feeling.

Looking in the mirror, you probably think ‘I can’t go out looking like this!’ Enter the travel hairbrush. Whip it out of your purse, get those hair strands in place, and look put together no matter how hot, cold, or windblown you felt just a few minutes ago.

Whether you wear a hat, or your hair just got messy while you were running around, it’s great to know you have a handy little tool to help.

Tangles are not Trendy

Anytime you’re out, you put your hair at risk of tangling. Hair brushing your shoulders, the wind, and your own actions cause your hair to tangle. Try brushing your hands through your hair and you’re likely to get stuck.

Tangles do two things – they ruin your hairstyle and they break your hair. If you carry a portable hairbrush all the time, you can brush your hair often. Just brush the ends, getting through the tangles – you don’t have to give it a full night-time brush out, but enough to keep your ends healthy and your style in place.

It’s a Statement Piece

Okay, who doesn’t love statement pieces today? We all need reasons to smile, and when you pull a cute hairbrush out of your purse, you’re sure to smile and make those around you smile too.

While we have to mask up and hide the beautiful makeup trends we just learned, we can keep the fun going with cute, and fun-shaped hairbrushes that not only detangle our hair but keep us smiling throughout these interesting times.

They’re Easy to Use

Anything easy to use is trendy today, right? A handheld travel brush is a great way to keep your hair neat, get rid of tangles, and even fix your kids’ hair while on the go.

If you don’t have to lug around your full-size hairbrush and can keep yourself looking good – it’s a win-win for everyone. The right travel brush will have strong bristles, a cover to keep dirt and debris out, and include a mirror so you can easily fix yourself up while on the go.

They Make Great Gifts

If you’re looking for a super cute gift to give a family member, friend, or teacher, a travel hairbrush in a cute shape is perfect. Add with it some fun hair ties and a bottle of their favorite lotion and you have the perfect self-care gift for a holiday, special occasion, or a get-well gift.

Get the Right Portable Hairbrush Today

So what’s the right travel hairbrush? Don’t rush out to your local drugstore or dollar store – while they have travel brushes, they aren’t helpful. They often do more damage than good.

You need a brush with bristles that help, not hurt your hair, a cover that keeps the bristles clean, and a mirror to make sure you look your best.

Why not try a French-inspired, adorable macaron brush that is cute, a statement piece, and functional? You’ll love using it, love how it looks, and most importantly, love your hair no matter the conditions you’re in.