Improve Your Health Using The Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is a popular diet of the modern age for various reasons. Its basis is the consumption of foods that presumably available to the early human beings that thrived in the Paleolithic Era hence the name. It is also known as Stone Age diet or caveman diet. Primarily, the Paleo diet comprises of root vegetables, meat, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Practitioners generally avoid foods that are overly processed and dairy products. The aim in Paleo is eat foods that are unprocessed.

Paleo meal planning

Following a Paleo meal plan involves consuming certain foods and avoiding others. The meal plan should mainly consist of fish and meats such as haddock, turkey, chicken, pork, beef, shellfish, trout and salmon. Others are eggs, carrots, garlic, onions, peppers and kale. In addition, seeds, nuts, salts, spices, vegetable oils, tubers and root vegetables.

A good Paleo meal plan should eliminate artificial sweeteners, dairy products, grain products, legumes, foods with high fructose etc.

Individuals on this meal plan can eat small quantities of dark chocolate and wine. However, dark chocolate should have at least 70% cocoa content and wine should be quality red that has beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Positive effects

Paleo meal plans have an array of benefits; the notable ones include the following:

Mental health

A majority of foods in the meal plan comprise of antioxidants or beneficial fat. Both contribute to better mental health, they achieve this by preventing occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases and encouraging better hormonal balance. This is very beneficial to an individual’s mental health.


Since Paleo meal plans are rich in raw vegetables, it means that they comprise of high fiber. The result of this is an improved digestion due to the stimulation of peristaltic motion. Furthermore, it aids in the prevention of symptoms of stomach upset, cramping, bloating and constipation.


The elimination of processed of foods, artificial additives, sweeteners and flavors in Paleo meals greatly contribute to less allergic reactions. This is because it trains the consumer’s immune system to have a decreased sensitivity to allergies.

Energy levels

The Paleo diet is considered to be a clean diet that translates to higher energy levels. The elimination of simple carbohydrates in junk foods and bread also helps in determining the exact energy needs of the body.

Weight loss

The reduction in artificial sugars and fats assists in controlling caloric intake. It also establishes a calorie deficiency that promotes weight loss.


Most processed foods contain of high-fructose corn syrup in elevated levels. Such foods have a high likelihood of causing diabetes as well as complications of blood sugar. Paleo diet plan removes these risk factors for a healthier body.

The positive effects listed above are not exhaustive because there are many more benefits to this unique hunter-gatherer that human ancestors lived on many centuries back.


The insightful information above is just a general guideline on Paleo diet plan. This means that people can adapt it to suit their personal preferences and needs. Paleolithic human beings were able to thrive in numerous diets as it dependent on available foods. Nonetheless, this diet has been proved to result in major health improvements and great weight loss.