How To Turn Your Toddler Into An Ultimate Fashionista

It is fun to see toddlers look like they just come straight out of a fashion magazine. Though some parents might find a few things to frown about this style of parenting, those who like to see their kids adapt a dapper look are actually teaching their children the value of self-confidence and certain social skills through fashion.

From chic baby leggings to stylish toddler bows, let your kid gain the confidence and stand out, not just from looking good but also from feeling good about themselves.

Below are some tips that you can follow to turn your sweet, little angel to an ultimate trendsetter at such a young age.

Let them choose

Start teaching them independence early in life by letting them choose what sort of clothes to wear. While this rule might not be applicable in all occasions (for example, you simply must slip your child into a pair of leather shoes that he somehow detests so he can look presentable in front of grandma), it may be applied in their usual day-to-day life.

Choosing what clothes to wear for themselves is a very good foundation for what their eventual individual style is going to be. Though again, you would also need to explain to your toddler certain unbendable truths like why he cannot wear his fleece hoodie in a formal party.

Teach them secretly how to mix-and-match

While number one tells you to give your child the freedom to choose whatever clothes he/she want to wear for the day, it wouldn’t hurt if you give them a little push towards the right direction. Place the clothes that are more likely to blend well with each other within your kid’s reach and put away (or at least put it in the farthest, deepest corner of their closet where there’s no way they can reach), those that would make your child literally cringe at the memory of ever wanting to wear them in the coming years.

That, or purchase sensible clothes that your kid will never be ashamed to wear from the get-go.

Teach them the wonders of shopping in thrift stores and second-hand boutiques

Don’t dare snub those thrift and second-hand boutiques as it has been proven time and again that those are potential goldmines for stylish, sturdy, and affordable clothes. Teach your kid that good clothes need not have designer brands nor price tags that are way beyond your reach.

Playing dress-up with your toddler can be exhausting, but ultimately, fun and would be something that he/she will probably remember as one of his/her fondest memory with you.

There will always be those who would maintain that teaching young kids about fashion at such a young age only promotes vanity and arrogance among toddlers. But as with everything in life, trying to find a balance between teaching your little ones how to dress properly and instill some lifelong values while you are it will definitely be more than rewarding.

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