How to Keep Shapewear Hidden Under Any Dress

More than fifteen percent of women don shapewear underneath their fanciest dresses when they head to a formal party or event. When your destination is a dressy affair, it’s natural to want to look your best. Many women find that wearing shapewear underneath their dress boosts their confidence and helps them feel sexier and more sure of themselves.

Despite the popularity of shapewear—especially under dresses—few women are willing to admit when they’re benefitting from the smoothing support of a shaper. In fact, many women forgo wearing shapewear altogether just because they feel too self-conscious worrying about a fellow party-goer spotting it underneath their dress. There’s nothing worse than the horror of looking in the bathroom mirror at a party and realizing that the them of your shaping slip has rolled up to form a tell-tale line underneath your LBD (little black dress).

However, these fears shouldn’t keep you from wearing shapewear, and keeping your shapewear discrete isn’t as much of a struggle as it’s made out to be. Use the simple tips in this post to keep your shapewear hidden under any dress, so you can look and feel like your best self no matter what you’re wearing.

1. Wear a Slip

A traditional slip can act as a barrier between your shapewear and your dress. It minimizes telltale panty lines and can prevent other people from seeing your shapewear through your clothes. However, slips also have a tendency to bunch up unattractively under super tight dresses.

Better yet, try wearing slip shapewear. Shaping slips looks like classic dress slips, but they fit more snugly and are designed to smooth and slim your curves. These slips offer light compression and cling to your skin to avoid bunching up. Explore the different styles of slip shapewear and find expert ideas on how to wear these practical, ultraefficient shapers in this slip shapewear guide from

2. Stay Seamless

If you plan on wearing a tight, form-fitting dress, make sure that the shapewear you choose is completely seamless. Thick seams are more common than you would think— especially for heavy-duty, high-compression shapewear pieces.

Go with shapewear that features raw cut edges, even if it offers a slightly lower level of compression.

A good rule of thumb to determine whether seamed shapewear will be visible underneath a certain dress: if you wouldn’t pair non-thong underwear with it for fear of panty lines, you shouldn’t wear seamed shapewear with it either.

3. Avoid Roll Ups

Even if you only wear seamless shapewear, it can still show through your dress if it rolls up while you’re wearing it. The thin, stretchy edges and hems of seamless shapewear have a tendency to roll up or down, creating a tell-tale bulge that is clearly visible through a tight dress.

You don’t want to have to constantly yank on your shapewear to make sure it stays smooth underneath your dress. Try to find shapewear that features a grip strip—a special lining that stays put against your skin. Or, attach fashion tape to the inside edges of your shapewear to get the same results in a DIY way.