How to do an Instant Eye Test and get Prescription Glasses Online:

How to do an Instant Eye Test and get Prescription Glasses Online:

Numerous organizations around the world are going digital or are undergoing digital transformation. The reason for it is the advancement of technology and the recent events caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To provide their services, companies are changing the way they worked before.

It is affecting people with poor eyesight a lot. There are no eye-specialists open during the lockdown. If you are one of those people, then worry no more. Vision direct brings an excellent way for you to check your sight. All you need is to sit in front of a webcam, and the software will do the job.

Getting your eyes tested using Visiondirect software is super simple and easy. They are trusted worldwide and have been global eyewear for more than ten years. Vision Prescription glasses online Direct is always impressing its investors by providing new and innovative things and doing charity to cure blindness in Africa.

Are an online eye-test and prescription glasses necessary for everybody?

Indeed, the online eye test is not for everyone; however, it is recommended to visit a specialist if you are experiencing any complaints regarding your eyesight. Due to the current conditions, it is doubtful that you can see an eye specialist.

We recommend only people who are suffering from any problem regarding eyesight. It is also suitable for people who want new measurements of their eyes.

1. According to Expert opinion, the online eye test is more suitable and healthy for adults and teens under 16.

2. Suppose you are someone who already has an existing prescription and wants to update it. Then the online test is a good option for you to get a detailed measurement quickly.

3. The online eyesight test is not for people who have diabetes, heart pressure, trauma, and blood pressure.

How to take an online eye-test before buying prescription glasses

Online tests are not that accurate, and you might not get the results you wanted. However, as technology is advancing, and you can receive the absolute pinnacle of technology at your doorstep.

Vision Direct is one such platform. Many of the customers expressed their satisfaction with the online lens scanning and its results. It is a quick and easy way to check your eyesight where you do not need to go to any clinic to have your eyes checked physically.

Note: you will need things like your old glasses, a smartphone, laptop, desktop with a webcam, and a standard size card.

FAQ: Is there any way to measure frame shape and size online?

Ans: yes, by using the pioneering Virtual Try-On Tool, you can find the best pair of eyeglasses that will match your face.

FAQ: Which is the best prescription glass in your collection?

Ans: Kindly check with the new Arise HD Prescription Lenses.

FAQ: Can I add blue light blocking features to the prescription glasses?

Ans: Yes. Also, check Disinterest’s innovative zFORTTM-powered blue light glasses.

Top 3 trending prescription glasses you can buy online from Vision Direct:

1. Ray-Ban RX7059D 5196: is an excellent option for glasses; it has an exclusive plastic frame body for an Asian fit. They offer a wayfarer frame shape meant to serve both men and women in the APAC region.

2. Arise Collective Clinton 010: it is made for all genders and customized lens material. It has the classic black acetate frame with a full rim for a pulsating style. It is suitable for any standards and with a professional environment.

3. Adidas Originals AOR004O 009: These Anti-glare, anti-scratch Adidas eyeglasses are a powerful weapon to impress. With its dashing retro style, which is fitted with high-quality, durable plastic frames and advanced lens coating to make it an unimpeachable prescription eyeglass.