How to Benefit From Poker Site Reviews

How to Benefit From Poker Site Reviews

Nowadays, there are numerous websites that are dedicated, entirely or in part, to running poker site reviews. On them, one can get information as to what they can expect in the various websites where poker is played online. They fill the need many potential online poker players have: the need to know, beforehand, what to expect from various online poker playing rooms. With this information, one would be empowered to know which online poker playing rooms are worth registering at, and which ones they would be better off avoiding.

In a way, these websites that post poker site reviews can be seen as providing the people who make use of them with a way to avoid having the painful situation of being forced to learn through experience. A wise person, we are told, tries to learn as much as possible from others’ experiences, rather than having to learn through their own experience which would be a painful and often expensive way to learn. The people behind the best of these websites that post poker room reviews will usually register in the various poker playing rooms and have first experiences there, which they then document and present on the respective review sites for the benefit of the sites’ users.

Now, as with most things in life, there are a number of things you are required to do if you are to benefit from the poker site reviews posted on various websites. In other words, benefiting is not automatic: it is not something you do just by virtue of logging onto the sites. A little bit more is required of you, in order for you to benefit fully from the reviews.

For one, if you are to benefit fully from the poker site reviews, it becomes essential to get as many of these reviews as possible. A single poker site review is typically not enough to give you a good idea on what you can expect from the poker room under consideration. You need a number of poker reviews to start getting a clear picture. Yet many of us, perhaps out of laziness, feel that we are informed enough to make good decisions based on what often turns out to be very piecemeal information.

General Information on Poker Tie Breakers

When playing poker one must be aware that there will be times when there will be situations of a tie. In games like Texas Hold ‘Em, there are very high chances that there will be two or more players who will get the same highest hands. In this sort of situation there need to be some rules to settle the dispute as to whom the winner will be and how can it be fairly proclaimed as such. These rules are pretty standard and have been used in many cases of a tie. The cardinal rule of thumb is to always remember that 5 cards and 5 cards only will be considered to establish the strength of the hand. At no point can the sixth card be a valid factor.

In the case of high card the dispute is very simple. If two players have the same high card and no other player has a stronger hand then the pot must be split equally between the two. In the case of the winning hands being the same one pair the third card is considered. This card is called the kicker. The player who has the higher kicker will win. If the case has the same kicker then the same will follow for the fourth and fifth card if needed. If the entire hand is the same (which is rarely the case) then the pot will be split equally. In the case of two pair being equally alike the fifth card is considered the kicker and the higher kicker wins. Again, In the case of three of a kind the hand with the higher trio will win the pot. If in case both the hands have the same trio value then the pot is split between them. There is no kicker in this hand.

There is also the case of the side pot. If any player goes all-in in the middle of the game and even after calling the bet there are players who are left with chips, they will be allowed to continue betting. In that case a side pot is created. It is crucial to remember that each player has to contribute equally to the pot so that it is easy to keep track of the side pots.

It helps, if you are to make the best out of Tie Breaker Rules, to ensure that you choose poker room review websites that are objective, rather than those that are nothing more than advertising wings of the various online casino establishments. It is easy to tell this, if you read between the lines as previously mentioned. How a particular poker review site presents its information can very quickly tell you whether it is an objective presentation or whether there are vested interests therein.