Long Sleeve Dress and Little Black Dress | RnD International

How Can A Body Shape Switch Your Outfit Of Long Sleeve Dress To A Little Black Dress?

Do you know only 20.6% of US residents maintain their health by following daily exercise? Rest are overweight or underweight or maybe not healthy at all. Well, it is a pathetic situation as we all know health is wealth. I started my exercise schedule when I realized that my arms are getting fatter and fatter. I was able to choose a beautiful sexy dress which suits my waist and hip, but my sleeves were so tight I couldn’t fit into it.

I always loved long sleeve dress no matter it is mini, off the shoulder or even maxi dress. I had a mini off the shoulder, long sleeve dress which I loved most because of its elegant look. When you wear a long sleeve dress, you can easily push it up and make the off the shoulder sleeve to shoulder which ends up with an entirely different look. Long sleeve dress was known as a royal family dress because they do not show up their hands often and obviously maintain a good figure.

But for me it was not the case, I realized I had to start my gym sessions immediately. And people who do workout know how hard and how long it takes for a woman to reduce the arm fat. It took more than three months for me to see a considerable loss of weight. This routine made me switched to sleeveless dresses. So, my mind was always harassing me reminding I’m fat which forced me to pick a little black dress as my casual outings.

I must have fit-on this dress more than three times to make sure my fat doesn’t expose from any part of the body. As we all know color black makes you look thinner which is true. I couldn’t hide my arms, but I made it unnoticed with my little black dress. It was surprising to see all my friends admired my outfit and I didn’t have to provide reasons for choosing this little black dress.

The most important this I learned from this incident was it is alright to change, and it is alright to look different if your mind says so. What all matters, in the end, is the happiness of your own.