Have You Heard? Homecoming Dresses Are Your Best Bet To Be Popular

The return to classes has already arrived, and in these first days, we always ask ourselves, what do I wear? In everyday life, we ​​find it difficult to think of dresses to go to school or fulfill our social obligations, but when we cheer up, we feel radiant. Besides, it is also a must for the homecoming party, a particular time with your friends or your partner, or just for the sake of stating how beautiful and self-empowered you feel this year.

Why is it important to always look flawless?

Dressing appropriately shows your teachers that you take their classes seriously, even before you start taking part of them. Your clothes represent a big part of your personality, keep in mind that first impressions are critical, so take the time to make sure that you look impeccable by having good results. Here are the following tips that will help you achieve a stylish look during the first week:

  1. Teenage Jeans

For those who like comfort and simplicity, jeans are an essential item. A good pair of jeans in black is a must because they help to stylize the figure a lot. For the upper part, you can use a plaid shirt or a basic shirt with some logo; perfect to avoid being “overloaded.”

  1. “Short Shorts” (Or Maybe Not Too Much)

If you don’t want to get rid of your shorts in the first days, opt for some that are not too short. If you prefer prints, a smooth top goes perfectly. Also, the one you choose could have some very flattering details on the neck to match your shorts. In case the weather starts to get colder, a cardigan of the same color as the shorts will correctly complete the look.

  1. Dresses Are A Girl’s Best Friend

If you like to style yourself too much to go to classes or if you love dresses, you can use one that is not too formal like a pale pink classic and combine it with a sweater that contrasts a lot with the color of the garment. However, WikiHow recommends you in Plan Events for a Homecoming Party, to leave this style for the occasion that most deserves it: the homecoming party.

The homecoming dresses are synonymous with elegance, good taste, distinction and above all a symbol of high couture. At the beginning it can be a bit difficult to choose so here we leave you these some more tips that we have compiled after analyzing great fashion houses like Jovani, to help you become the most glamorous attendee of the entire party, let’s go!

  • The shine or the appliqués in that part of the body that we want to highlight is a way to choose a dress that we can use more than once without anyone noticing.
  • The vedette style without a doubt is the lace, with nude, green or blue base offers us a feminine and distinguished proposal.
  • You will wear the black color all your life, but there are also geometric patterns in classic combinations (black and white) or the mix with all metallic trends of the season.
  • The boat neckline, halter neck or round give a unique finish, and if we play with the length of the dress and we encourage you to show your legs a little, you will find an unbeatable ally in Jovani fashions.

What do you need to complement your look?

The shoes could be the same tone as the dress or opt for one that has appliques referring to the fabric or stones it has. Try always to choose high heels, but not too high because it’s a homecoming party, not a gala. The hairstyle is also vital; it doesn’t necessarily require elaborate hairstyles or large amounts of spray.

What is NOT recommended:

-In some schools, they don’t allow visible piercings or tattoos.

-To dress or made up as if it’s for the clubs you’re not allowed to go to.

– Very short skirts or mini dresses.

-Go with very high heels (think about comfort, especially for the homecoming party).

-To go to school with tennis shoes that look sloppy or dirty; not fashionable at all.

I hope this article has helped you and remember, to start this new stage with lots of energy!