Is Your Hair Dry And Brittle? Organic Essential Hair Oils Can Benefit You!

Dry hair can be quite hard to manage, especially during the winter season. In fact, dry hair gets a straw-like texture and is hard to detangle during this time. If you have dry hair, you don’t need to worry since there are many organic hair oils that can help get your locks back to their original luster and texture. There are so many organic essential oils that treat dry, brittle, frizzy, and damaged hair. You should choose the most effective hair oil depending on your hair type. Is your hair dry and brittle? If so, don’t worry! Organic essential oils can benefit your hair over time. Here are some of the most effective essential organic hair oils for your condition.

Dry and damaged hair, as well as hair loss, are some of the most common problems affecting your hair. There could be many causes for these issues. Stress and genetics play a big part in the process. On the other hand, frizzy hair can result due to humid weather conditions and the type of one’s hair. Even though you may find a host of shampoo and hair care products that address these problems on the market, they are quite expensive and not guaranteed to work. On the other hand, some of these products contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair. Luckily, there are less expensive but highly effective organic essential oils to treat almost all of these hair problems. That is why millions of people across the globe are turning to these organic hair care oils to treat dryness and frizziness of their hair. In fact, there is an extensive list of essential organic oils to treat different hair problems. These oils can treat a host of hair problems such as dry hair, thinning hair, brittle hair, frizzy hair, and more. Here are some of the most effective organic essential hair oils to treat your brittle and dry hair.

Argan oil is one of the most effective essential hair oils out there. The oil is extracted from the Argan tree native to Morocco. The extraction process is not easy. Hence, pure argan oil is quite expensive. That is why the essential oil is also known as liquid gold. Argan oil is so beneficial to both your skin and hair. The oil is loaded with a host of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. When used externally on the hair, Argan oil will boost the cell production. This will result in a healthy and soft hair over time. You may have already noticed that Argan oil is an essential ingredient in the list of ingredients in high-end beauty products on the market today. In fact, you only need a very little pure argan oil to derive all the benefits of the commodity. Pure argan oil isn’t cheap due to the difficult extraction process. A little oil goes a long way. It will last for a very long time. Argan oil is a great moisturizer and helps prevent dry hair and dandruff. The essential fatty acids in the oil are supposed to aid in this. Warm 4-5 drops of argan oil and massage your scalp. That is why you need to start using argan oil on your scalp to prevent brittle and dry hair conditions in the long run.

Coconut oil is similar to the holy grail of essential hair oil. It will act to protect the heat and repair dry and brittle hair. The oil prevents hair loss and aids in hair growth. The moisture-retaining qualities of coconut oil help the essential oil stay in your hair without evaporating – which makes coconut oil an effective hair oil out there. On the other hand, coconut oil is loaded with essential fatty acids. This helps the oil penetrate the hair more deeply compared to regular conditioners – which leads to a silky and soft hair over time. If you have oily hair, you should apply coconut oil excluding the roots of the hair. If you have dry hair, you should apply the oil to the scalp as well. You should melt the oil before applying to the scalp. In fact, coconut oil is usually solid at room temperature. Leave the oil on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing the hair with a natural and organic shampoo.

Castor oil is another efficient hair oil. It comes from the castor bean and is great for hair growth. It contains many important ingredients such as proteins, vitamin E, and proteins. It also has antioxidants to support the keratin in your hair. This makes your hair stronger, healthier, and smoother over time. Make sure you get cold-pressed and 100% pure virgin castor oil for your hair. The oil is beneficial in controlling hair loss, brittle hair, dry hair, and dandruff on the scalp. Since castor oil is quite thick, you should mix it with a few drops of carrier oil before applying on the scalp.

Jojoba oils is another effective organic hair oil that can prevent dry hair and brittle hair. It has a chemical structure that resembles sebum – the natural oil produced by our scalps. That means your scalp will readily accept jojoba oil compared to most of the other organic oils. Jojoba oil hydrates the hair and moisturizes the hair follicles from inside. It treats dry scalp and dandruff issues. Jojoba oil adds a shiny softness to your hair. You may use jojoba oil as a leave-in treatment. Apply the oil to the scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes or even overnight. You may add a carrier oil such as lavender or eucalyptus for a nice scent.

Today, essential oils are used to treat numerous hair problems. More and more people are using these best hair mask for fine dry hair instead of harsh and expensive hair care products on the market. The above article provides information on why you should use organic essential hair oils to prevent dry and brittle hair.