Fashionable And Trendy Straw Hats For Men

Straw hats for men are a trendy addition to men’s wardrobe as they complete the men’s fashion statement. For quite some time, modern and baseball caps were very much in-trend, but with the latest fashion trends where vintage style is in again, straw hats have made a very strong comeback and can be worn with a casual outfit or even when you are sporting formal dinner wear. More than a trendy look you get from wearing one, the prime purpose of wearing such a hat is to protect your head from scorching heat especially when you are in the outdoors.

For several years now, the straw material is commonly used as a superior quality component in designing hats for men. Straw hats for men are brimmed and then woven with straw as their prime material is referred to as straw hats for men. Check out more at

It is made available in different designs and styles, but the general factor for all is that they are made up using woven straw. The process of making one is very much similar to the way the felt hats are made. First and foremost, the hat is softened with the use of a steam or they can also submerse it in hot water and later on, form the hat design by hand or make use of a block as a mold.

One of the most popular types of straw hats designed for men is the Panama hat. It is quite expensive when compared to various other types of hats that are made using straw as it has a tighter and more steady weave. The straw used for designing Panama hats comes from the plaited leaves of a plant called as toquilla straw. Most of the hats are named in such a manner that they represent a place or origin where the straws come from. However, regardless of the origin, straw hats for men are always fashionable, comfortable, classy and most of all durable!

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