My Eyebrow Trend: Pencil Eyebrows

We all agree Bio Kenny to the fact that our eyebrows are the most defining feature on our face. They highlight our eyes, and also allow us to express ourselves in a much better way, and can be easily shaped into a variety of different ways that match the personality of every person out there. From microblading to shaping, latest beauty trends have always been coming up with unique ways that could help beauty and makeup enthusiast make their favorite facial feature glow. If waxing or plucking your brows no longer tend to make a big change in you, you perhaps be interested in trying the latest eyebrow trends for year 2018, where pencil eyebrows is one of them!

Pencil Brows – What Is It All About?

If you intend to have a creative freedom to change your brows style on a daily basis, you perhaps will enjoy the flexibility you are offered via penciled brows. Pencil brows happen to be an amazing option for all those who have thin, wispy brows and also for those who prefer to have a sharply different outlook. Various celebrities are already wearing this look and the trend is already catching on with various other models, influences as well as celebrities.

If you are not certain about how this trend will look on you, you may always consider thinning your brows a bit at a time and experiment with powder and pencils before you go all out. Even if you do not happen to like this trend, you can try some of the other amazing brow trends with careful application of pencil, providing you amazing opportunities to pull off a very fresh look.

The Fishtail Brows

Fishtail brows have subdued enough to be worn proudly as an everyday style but are exclusive enough to make you stand out. Influencers worldwide have opted for this style and have created a look that is exclusive to their own.

Rio Summers, a model contestant from America’s Next Top Model show and SkyzEditz were the first ones to be seen wearing this dynamic brow trend. They have not been the last though. Several different models are now supporting this brow trend, where on one side as an accent, or both help create a bigger trend.

If you are considering some exciting means that could help you shape up your eyebrows, then subtle fish tail brow perhaps be the right style for you!