Ever Heard of Brow Lamination?

Ever Heard of Brow Lamination?

A new brow trend is making a huge hype on Instagram, and brow lamination is a unique beauty treatment. So now, you want to have a brow lamination Austin treatment done but are still not sure how it works. Well, Parlor Beauty Bar is here to help.

Brow Lamination

With a brow lamination, your eyebrows will look thicker and bushy compared to the pencil line shape popular years ago. If you love a brushed-up look but cannot tame your brows as they are too fine or straight, a brow lamination is for you.

Another benefit is that the beauty treatment lasts up to six weeks, depending on how well you care for it. On the other hand, you may find it lasts up to eight weeks, and as the 6th week is over, it helps to have a brow re-lamination done for it to last longer.

The process is not long and takes up to 20 minutes. Yet adding waxing and tinting before it starts or afterwards can take up to 40-minutes at the most. Furthermore, the price varies depending on the treatment you choose.

Steps Involved with Brow Lamination

First, you will need a consultation to help with brow mapping for a perfect style. The next step is cleaning the brows by placing them upward with a Brow Fix. The brow lamination needs to target the root to the tip of the hair. The solution ensures that the brows remain in place during the treatment.

Next, the therapist applies a brow style that is a cream creating a chemical process to break the bonds in the hairs to achieve a new shape. The cream is left on for a short time and depends on the hair condition.

Next, a brow set is applied to set the brow hairs in a new position. Then, depending on the hair condition, the solution is kept for a while. Finally, if you want tinting done, the technician will add the color to your brows to improve the treatment results.

Lastly, the products are removed, and a Brow Nourish with keratin is applied to provide hydration and conditioning to the hair. Your eyebrows are then brushed into the desired position. They can be adjustable depending on the look you want to achieve.

Hence, you can brush your brows u or into a natural shape.

Can You Do This at Home?

No, doing a brow lamination yourself at home is not advised as you need professional training to achieve the best result. The reason is that you will work with chemicals and the best is to have it done by trained beauty therapists.

The procedure is like a perm as it forces the brows into a shape similar to having a lash lift. Also, when you use a brow lamination Austin provider, they can do a patch testing prior to the treatment but not needed.

Final Thoughts

Having brow lamination done is a very safe treatment that will give your eyebrows a fuller look naturally. In addition, it is affordable compared to other eyebrow treatments like Microblading with immediate results. The best part is the procedure is very on trend, and now is the correct time to have those brows done.