Discover the Best Portable Hairbrush

Discover the Best Portable Hairbrush

Do you carry a portable hairbrush with you? If not, it’s time. Not having a brush with you means you can’t fix hair that’s out of place, spruce yourself up before heading into a meeting, or fix your hair before you take your ID pictures (think license, passport, or work ID).

A portable brush is always a great tool to have on hand. But don’t rush out and buy any brush you find at your local store. Most brushes are flimsy and may even damage your hair. Look for the perfect brush that will last, protect your hair, and be multi-functional.

What should a travel hairbrush have? Check it out.

Is it Durable?

Think about how often you throw your purse down or throw stuff into your purse. If you have a flimsy brush that’s made of cheap plastic, chances are you’ll break it in no time. We often aren’t thinking about what’s in our purse – we just throw it down after a long day, fling it over our shoulders, or shove stuff in there as we’re running around doing errands.

Look for a sturdy brush that can handle being tossed around or even dropped. Life happens – we drop things, throw our purses, or just get careless. That doesn’t mean we have to waste money replacing items we break. Instead, buy products that last, especially your hairbrush.

Does it Protect your Hair?

Not all brushes are created equal. Before you buy a travel brush, look at the bristles. Are they coarse or worse yet, too rigid? Think about when you run them through tangled hair on a windy day.

What will Happen?

Most bristles will either break or they’ll break your hair. Neither option is good! Broken bristles mean a useless brush and money out the window. How often do you want to replace your brush? Broken hair means frizz and hair that’s impossible to style.

Find the right portable brush that not only brushes your tangles without hurting your hair but will stand the test of time. A detangling brush should get through your tangles with ease without hurting you or the brush itself.

Is it Multi-Functional?

Purse real estate is sacred. It’s like the catch-all for everything – your kids’ toys, your husband’s wallet, and everything you need to keep yourself looking your best while you’re out. Who wants a large, bulky brush and a separate mirror taking up room?

Instead, look for a multi-functional tool, such as a brush and mirror in one. Not only will you save space, but you’ll save time having everything you need in one place. No more shuffling through your purse after you find the brush only to look for the mirror.

A quality portable hairbrush with a mirror attached offers so many benefits. You’ll have the travel brush you need to fix your hair on-the-go, but also have a quality mirror to help you fix your makeup, check your hair, or fix your contacts.

Don’t fall for just any multi-functional brush, though. Have you ever looked in the drugstore mirrors? They’re either flimsy plastic that makes you look like you’re at a carnival or they’re so magnifying that you can’t see anything unless you hold the mirror five feet away from your face.

 Get a Travel Hairbrush that Works

You want a travel hairbrush that does everything you need at great prices. A brush that will detangle your hair without breaking it, can withstand drops and falls, and will provide more than just a brush.

Make 2021 the year you add the right travel brush to your purse and watch how it transforms your look. You won’t fight with tangles or gasp as you look in the mirror at the end of the day and wonder if you looked like that all day. Take care of yourself and give yourself the gift of beauty on-the-go, you’ll be happy you invested in yourself. Not only will you look your best, but you’ll feel your best too – you deserve it!