Body Jewelry

Different Types Of Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is made for the art of body piercings. They come in different shapes and sizes to provide a perfect fit for the body sizes it should be in. Body jewelry is worn in the nose, ear, belly button, tongue, etc and they are either worn for fashion, personal symbolism, religious beliefs and traditional reasons. These jewelry vary from press-fit posts to weights and captive beads.

There are different types of body jewelry or ornamentations and you can get all of this at our wholesale body jewelry.

Press-Fit Jewelry: This consists of two parts which are a post with an attached ball or disk and an ornamental end that ”press-fits” into the post. Press-fit is commonly referred to as threadless or push pin posts. There are sizes available in 18 gauge and 16 gauge which are mostly used for the ear and nostrils while the 14 gauge are options for the lip, labret, and beauty marks piercing. This is one of the easiest jewelry to remove as the two ends pull apart effortlessly. Another good thing is that the press-fit jewelry can be adjusted for tightness. With the press-fit, instead of buying new jewelry, you can easily change the pieces.

THREADED JEWELRY: This type doesn’t pull apart rather it unscrews because it is one-ended. It can either be straight, curved, or come in circular barbells. Untwisting of the ball is as easy as twisting the ball like you would a cork. Threaded jewelry is found mostly in the nipple and navel piercings. It can also be done with the vertical hood piercings and others like the vulva and penis piercings. The threaded jewelry comes in two types:

– internally threaded jewelry

– externally threaded jewelry

You have to check the ends of your jewelry occasionally to avoid unscrewing.

RINGS: There are captive bead rings and segment rings each serving it’s own purpose. In the captive bead ring, the bead is held in place by the tension of the ring. The ends are not attached to the beads as it stays suspended between the two ends of the ring. This means that you can change the beads yourself unless it comes in a thicker or smaller diameter and a tool is needed to remove it. While removing a captive bead ring, with your thumb, gently pull the ring and bead in opposite directions until the bead pops.

lady-wears-beautiful-black-dress-looking-into-mirror_158595-5861.jpg (626×417)

Segment rings differ from the captive beads because a part of it snaps open instead of the bead popping out. The larger sizes are not used for initial piercing as it can set back healing.

Fixed Bead rings have their beads attached to one side of the ring and to get the ring open, you need to bend it.

Seam rings refer to seamless or continuous rings that are less visible than the other types of rings. It is best for piercings that require constant changing as it spins and cannot be used for healing.

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