Different Types Of Engagement Rings Toronto


Are you looking out for an engagement ring for your beloved? If so, make certain that you buy the best one as it is one of the most important expressions of love. When you are looking out for the engagement rings Toronto, you will notice that there are wide varieties of options available for you to choose from.

When you are checking out the rings, you will notice that there are many styles available that confuses you more. Thus, the best thing to do is to know the important details about all the options so that you do not waste time in checking out those styles.

One of the most important pre-preps that you should do is fix a budget. Only when you have a budget fixed, you can choose the right one and do not spend a lot of time ion looking for options that do not fit in. also, knowing the likes of the person you are buying for is important as ultimately she is the one who is going to wear the all her life. You can find more info here on the different types of engagement rings:

Type #1

Colored gemstone:

In case the traditional gemstone in the ring is diamond, then you have a number of options to choose. Usually, people prefer the basic and evergreen diamond as the main stone and add different other colored stones to make it like more attractive and beautiful such as sapphires as well as ruby. Thus, according to the choice of your loved one you can choose the colored stone you want. Apart from this, you can even have the colored stone as the main stone and make the ring look unique. These gemstones add a different charm to the rings.

Type #2


This is known to be the other type of ring that is preferred by a lot of people. This ring comprises of a central main diamond surrounded by small ones to add more charm. Today, people now prefer this type over the others especially the fashion oriented women.

Type #3


The most preferred loved engagement ring and stocked at every jewelery store is the solitaire type. There would not be even one jewelery store that will not have a ready stock solitaire rings. This is classic, simple yet so beautiful design which makes the perfect choice for the woman having an evergreen taste. The diamond is placed on a high in order to show its excellence.

Type #4

Three stones (trilogy):

This is the type of engagement ring that comprises of three diamonds that determines the person’s past, present and future. Today, this is one of the most favorite engagement rings of women. The central main stone of the ring is larger compared to the other two on the side.

Type #5


All those women who prefer timeless beauty then vintage ring is the right choice for them. The types of vintage ring available today are the ones that have the old classic brilliance with the modern touch. They include both engravings as well as edges to create a unique design.