The Difference Between Luxury Designer Watches And Mass Produced Watches

These days, the word “luxury” can mean a number of things, but the difference between luxury designer watches and mass produced watches is clear. When it comes down to it, though, the main differentiating factor is that a wristwatch simply tells the time, while a luxury timepiece tells the time and offers its wearer something a little more than that. A luxury wristwatch should have a style that is not concurrent only with recent trends of the industry; it should be one that can outlast generations and still be worn and appreciated. A luxury watch should also have something inherently valuable about its movement.

Mass produced watches are often crafted by unskilled laborers who are not well read in the artistry of creating beautiful watches, whereas luxury timepieces are made by experienced artisans that know the importance of a brilliant and accurate timepiece. This high level of dedication, accuracy, and artistry combine to produce a beautiful watch that will function for decades while only needing slight tune-ups here and there. Mass produced watches, on the other hand, are lucky to survive five years’ time. Considering the additional features that luxury designer watches often come with, on top of their increased longevity, are worth the higher price tag.

This higher investment value carries over to even the materials that these watches are made from, composed of certain substances whose value does not diminish over time and will always be worth something. Mass produced watches, however, are typically made of plastic that holds no long-term value and will not have any investment value at all.

If the nicer side of timepieces like their investment value is something you are after, then you probably enjoy these watches as a subtle display of wealth, as well. Luxury timepieces can easily mark their wearers as successful men and women as they are respected and recognized by those who also appreciate luxury and the finer details. Luxury timepieces display your wealth with class and in an understated way that is not at all flashy or attention seeking.

Assuming the luxury timepiece is really worth its salt, it can be passed down to generation after generation and still retain its value. Having a luxury designer watch that can stand the test of time long enough to be passed from father to son and on again with minimum maintenance is incomparable. While inheriting money after the loss of a grandparent or parent might make the present situation easier to cope with, having something passed down like an outstanding watch one has seen their grandfather wear his whole life holds more value than any dollar sign. This is something that simply cannot be done with mass produced watches.

Opposed to watches that are just meant to tell the time for a few years, luxury designer watches hold extra value in more ways than one. They are designed to bring their wearers a lifetime of satisfaction, both socially and aesthetically, and can even extend beyond the original owner’s use, passed down as a cherished keepsake from generation to generation. Mass produced, cheap watches just cannot duplicate the value that these luxury timepieces possess, making luxury designer watches the ultimate investment.