How to Decide Between Platinum and White Gold for Your Serli Siroan Engagement Rings

Do you want white metal for your engagement ring Toronto or wedding ring, but if you can’t decide which ring to buy. This is the common situation that all the customers  are facing. Most people like platinum and white gold for their wedding. These two looks nearly identical, but they have different properties. To decide the right metal type, you have to check the durability, appearance, and maintenance required for the ring. So, we help you make the right decision to choose the best serli siroan engagement rings.


To understand the difference in durability between the Platinum and White gold rings, it is important to understand its composition first.  Pure gold is not practical to use in jewelry. If it is 24 karats gold, is it calls pure gold which is very soft in nature. Dropping the 24 karat gold in ground or pressing it, the gold didn’t bend enough to the ring. To overcome this problem, the gold jewelry is mixed with alloy metals to increase its durability. For example, a 14 karat gold ring has more alloy metals than the 18 karats gold ring. So the 14 karat gold ring is more durable than the 18 karat gold ring and it will be stronger than the 18 karat gold ring. In addition, the white gold jewelry is plated in rhodium to create the white color to the ring.

Platinum ring is not mixed with the other alloy metals. The platinum wedding rings Toronto are generally between 90 -95% of platinum. Platinum naturally has a white color, so it is not plated with rhodium to generate white color.

Coming to durability, both of these metals are scratched over time. Both will get scratched. But there is some difference in both the metals.

The white gold rings get damaged, a very small and microscopic amount of metal is tending to blend very slightly. When it comes to platinum, the damage is occurred while you wearing the ring in daily and some scratches also created.

This difference is very important to consider when wearing the engagement ring Toronto. Since you are wearing the white gold ring so many days, this can makes your ring thin or break off, which increases the chance of dropping the diamond in the center or the diamond will be getting damaged. Due to this, many offer platinum rings than white gold rings for their engagement. It is important to know the durability of the ring.


Platinum rings are more costly than white gold rings. Platinum is rare than gold and it is difficult to design for the worker due to the properties of the metal. As we already discuss that the platinum rings are 90 – 95% pure platinum, while the white gold is mixed with alloy metals. So, the platinum rings are more precious than white gold because its purity.

Appearance and Maintenance of Both the Rings:

Both platinum and white gold rings appearance are different. White gold is coated with the rhodium, which will lead to alloy the product. But, it will return to its previous appearance when it coated with rhodium again. Many customers are noticing this change and come after one year to plated the ring with rhodium metal.

When it comes to the platinum, the platinum rings are moving slightly when it gets damaged. Belly dancing classes This will make the ring appeared as dull. Many people prefer this look because it gives vintage look. And many prefer original look and original shine of their platinum rings. A jeweler can re polish the ring to get its original shine.

The decision to choosing the wedding rings Toronto is based on your opinion. Both have same features, but many choose the platinum rings than white gold rings. When it comes to the budget, many are choosing the white gold rings. If you have concern about securing the diamond, I prefer platinum rings. When it comes to design, the white gold rings have more designs than platinum, because it is easier to work with the jeweler. So, you can consider these factors to choose your engagement ring.